2SickYoyos Queen is ripping through strings like nobody's business.

Just got my queen in the mail today, and it’s amazing, but it rips and frays strings after about 20 minutes of play. It frays it right around the response area. I’ve felt around the area and there aren’t any rough spots or really anything that would make it fray. I’m not using the stock grooved bearing which might help, but I’m really not a big fan of it, and I should be entitled to use whatever bearing I want. But at this pace, I’m gonna be out of strings by next week, and I can’t afford to buy an infinite supply of them. :wink:

Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I can attach pictures if needed.

I don’t have one, but looking at the pics I’d be inclined to say it’s the ridge just outside the response. Make sure that area is smooth. Take a rough towel or some denim and rub that ridge good. Make sure there’s no rough spots on it. That’s the only place the string can hit.

Couple times around with some 600 grit.

Nice and easy!

I’ll try doing that and see if it helps. There seems to be a little “edge” that is kinda sharp right near the response. But I can tell that’s how it was manufactured. Hopefully this will help so I don’t have to use sandpaper.

Scary :-
Kinda scared to use sandpaper on my new throw. lol

That can be because of the new “blast” we used on the second run of Queens. The blast can cause some string wear it seems but like others suggested rubbing the response area with some denim should break in the blast a little. A centering bearing would also help with the life of string. The blast breaks in with use as well.

I had the first run, and it hasn’t burned a single string; it must indeed be the blast.

I do not have the patience for the denim thing. 600-grit sandpaper (or finer) is what I would use, with a light touch. :wink: Worst case scenario, you’re going to lighten the finish just in that one area. No big deal. A worthwhile trade-off to ensure no yoyos accidentally go flying through the air.


I don’t have any sandpaper at the moment, so I will just keep a close, close eye on the string before every throw. :wink:

Hopefully rubbing it with some denim will at least help a tad, until the blast can really break in. I just got it today, so with some play, it’s bound to get better.

Enter NAPA.

Buy paper.

Leave NAPA.

Rub throw gently, very.

Problem solved.

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I had some super fine sandpaper so I gave it a try, and it feels a bit smoother, so I’m hoping it won’t tear through string anymore.

Thanks lol