String fraying question?


I have a B-grade YYF Cypher, it is a great throw, very smooth, I love it. It seems to fray string near the bearing faster than my other throws. I looked at the bearing seat and wall around the response pad, this is where the ano flaws are. I’ve put a picture below.

I have read posts describing sanding throws, and am wondering what people recommmend. I have micromesh and mylar that I use for fountain pen nib smoothing. The last thing I want to do is mess this up, nor do I want to accidentally throw it across the room due to broken string

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

It looks like theres a bit of a rough edge just past the response pad, anything like that can definitely cause the string to wear out faster. Sanding it down with a fine grit should help, but if you don’t want to do that then just keep a close eye on your string as you play with it and replace it once it gets worn out.

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Thank you. I’ve decided to leave well enough alone and just keep an eye on the string. It’s not like I’m so good I don’t ever need to wind the string :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice and reality check.


Brandon at Duncan told me how to fix an Exit 8 that was cutting strings like crazy. All it took was
a little bit of polishing over a piece of green Scotch Brite. It is way less abrasive than sand paper, but it seems to get the edges soft enough to stop cutting through the threads. There is no reason to have to worry about cutting your string. Just put a piece of Scotch Brite down on a flat surface and just move the yo-yo half around in a circular motion a few times. It doesn’t remove a bunch of material all at once, so just give it a few laps then check it and test it, give it a few more laps if you are still cutting strings. You will hardly see any difference, but it will take the cutting edge off that pad recess.


I have to agree with the Scotch Brite Pads there, I had a early release of the Shipwreck that was bead blasted, the catch zone was eating the string and it would snap after every 7 tosses, yes it was that bad. I tried using a pair of jeans and it didn’t work so I continued with Scotch Brite Pads and it seem to do the trick, my Shipwreck now works like a regular yoyo and no more string eating.

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I think I will try the scotch brite trick when I get home from my business trip…or maybe make a trip to a local grocery & pick up the scotch brite since I brought the Cypher with me.

Thanks to all who responded. The willingness of everyone to share their knowledge & experience is amazing!