Shredding String

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Hey guys I have noticed that my YYF TOO Hot has started to cut the string at the bearing. What is causing this? Is it fixable?

P.s. I noticed what was happening after my brand new string snapped and my throw went flying in a coffee shop…


It may be due to the finish around the bearing seat. If the Too Hot has a blasted finish and they didn’t mask the response area then it may cause string snapping. This will get better with time so in the mean time just keep an eye on the string near the yoyo. If you can’t wait then you can rub the response area with some fine sandpaper (or perhaps something less rough) and it should speed up the process.

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Ok, I am not sure what a blast finish looks like but I have had the yoyo since Christmas and it was fine until about two weeks ago, it came in the mystery box. I will try the sandpaper though


I’ve also heard of people rubbing the blast a little smoother on denim jeans… not as rough as sandpaper :wink:


Use a very fine (300-400 grit or more, used wet) sandpaper as a last resort. First try it with a course cloth like denim as suggested above. The unfinished back of a leather belt works too.

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Awesome! I will try that later, I am at work right now.

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Should I remove the pads before doing the “sanding” with jeans etc.?


Pads will probably stay put in the recess… if they start to come out during the process then you would have to remove/replace them anyway. :wink:

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Lol that’s true