Fix plz? Yoyo snaps string constantly.


One of my beat yoyos is snapping the string almost after every 10 throws. (Auldey Luminous)
I still really want to use it because it’s really the only floaty throw I have. (And I LOVE floaty yoyos)
So, I KNOW there’s something near the bearing that’s cutting the string. I can’t take a pic, though.
It’s this sort of ding on the inside.
My question is is it possible to fix this and if so, how?
Thanks in advance to replies. I’ll be traveling tomorrow and can’t reply.


First try rubbing the area that’s cutting the string with denim. If that doesn’t work try smoothing out the song with sandpaper.


The rough side of leather works too.


Can somebody explain how it would work?
I mean, denim and leather are really soft compared to aluminum, right?


That is a solution for a rough anodized or coated surface. Some new yoyos have that problem. If your yoyo just started doing it that is not the issue. If you have a ding you think is causing it, take some fine sand paper and smooth it out.


Oh, okay. Thanks for the answers, guys. I appreciate the help.

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600-grit wet/dry should be plenty fine enough, while not making it take all day.

I had a string eater; I eventually hit it with a dremel and some rouging compound. But you don’t need to be like me. :wink:


I am like that. :o