string cutting

when a yoyo cuts strings, is there a way to fix it? the yoyo will not be replaced…

Certain finishes have been known to wear strings out very quickly. Most commonly, a bead blasted finish. The best thing to do is to take a piece of leather (belts will work), denim (old pair of jeans) or really and kind of strong, rough cloth, and rub the bearing seat down for an hour or two.

Should take care of all your problems.

it is a raw DTI beast

What Jake said, or replace the flowable silicone sometimes a filing gets stuck in the sili. That happened with my pre-pro ‘i’. I used a cotton buffing wheel attachment for a bench grinder as well to buff down the area. it still wears down string quicker than normal but it’s better than it was.

a raw yoyo?

Try searching around the bearing seat and responce area for any sharp edges. If you find any, take some medium grit (100-200) sand paper and rub them down carefully.

180 or 220 will tear up raw aluminum. You really should use 1500 grit. Raw aluminum is really soft.

I would just use a file. match the freyed part of the string to where the cutting is happening. :wink: Then file away. I have had a yoyo or two in the past that did this. I always just took a file too it. super fine sand paper is going to be the safe route though.
Which ever you use move the yoyo rather then the tool, so you get an even cut. :wink: