Monkey finger flaws?

So my evil yo is totally a string snapper (only when the string gets kinda worn down, if I slap a new string on its fine.) There arent any obscurities on the bearing seat, etc, and theres no way its the string cuz Ive had this string on for like an hour. and ive been yoyoing for about a year now and I know the “string gets old, its gonna snap” rule, but this TOTALLY isnt that scenario, maybe like 30 minutes of throwing and the string snaps off. Is mine the only one with this strange defect?

It’s not that strange of a defect. Sometimes yoyos have an abrasive bead blast that can cut through string. It’s not going to be obvious to the touch immediately, but you have to consider that yoyo is rubbing on the string at thousands of rpm. As an evil yo owner, I can say my YYE edition does have a fairly rough blast.

It is generally fixable using something with even a moderate abrasive quality to sand the inner wall with. The denim on jeans will work sometimes, other people go at it with a scotch brite pad or whatever else. Of course, if you’re going to do that, we’re talking a super light application. You don’t want any visible results.

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I’d go ahead and take some time to rub down the bearing seat area with some denim. Then again, maybe you have these monster gorilla arms and can hurl a yoyo like a rocket propelled grenade with the explosive energy to match.

People are different. Some people wear strings down way faster than others. I’m inclined to think the way you are and suspect something might be up with the yoyo. Try this: pop a KK, CenterTrac or Crucial Grooved in there for a bit and see if the problem replicates. If yes, it’s probably you. If no, then I’d say it’s the outer portion of the bearing seat needs a good rubdown with some denim.’

I had sort of the same problem with 2 of my 3 Agape yoyos. However, in this case, the strings snapped pretty darn fast(3-5 minutes in). An email to the maker and he said to rub down the bearing seat edges with denim and they are wonderful now.

Well I’m sad to report that my Evil-Yo did the same thing.
I used a Scotch Brite scrub sponge around the bearing seat and have not had any issue thus far.
It will not harm the appearance of the YoYo at all if you do not get carried away.

A LOT of strings will snap if they get worn down. Especially if there is any kind of blast on the yoyo.

I had this same exact problem, the solution to mine was that there a a burr on the bearing that was causing it, it sounds like you might have already investigated this… Just a standard centertrac, so replacing it with another one solved this for me entirely…