Brand new yo-yo is a string cutter / string eater?

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the OD overture destroyed every string i put in it for about a week


It’s not common but it is annoying when it happens. I wish more manufacturers would do the fancy mask / polish around the response. That probably helps keep spin times up anyway since it reduces friction against the string. Yeah, it’s a fancy finishing touch but… I likes me some fancy :face_with_monocle:


I’d say it’s rare that a blast finish, even if it is unmasked, would cause premature string failure. Most manufacturers have learned from the mistakes of the past. Usually if I see an aggressive blast, it’s accompanied by a masked bearing area. Not trying to dispute anyone’s claims, but I don’t feel like it’s currently that widespread of a problem


It is not common, no.


Bad juju. One Drop masks that space SO maybe try buying American?


I will check my OneDrops later but I am pretty certain they do not mask that space.

Edit: I just checked a recent Overture and Top Deck purchase and neither one had response area masks, nor can I ever remember seeing a mask for any Onedrop throw I’ve ever owned, so I call BS @grendel

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@codinghorror The Markmont Classic?


Well I’ll be hornswaggled. I can confirm it is masked on the MMC. I don’t see it on any of my other onedrops though?

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Most OD throws aren’t blasted, they’re tumbled, so they don’t need the masking.


Kuntosh Qv?


Yep, confirmed, I see it on that one as well. My apologies @grendel you are clearly a man who knows his One Drops!

Some One Drops (I guess the ones with the blasted finish) indeed have a masked response area.


Aren’t the Viszilla and Bape.2 American made but were infamous for snapping string since the bearing seat area wasn’t masked off? Don’t really see that as a reason for buying American made over anything else.


Sure your right the aggressive type 3 ano on AntiYo at the time was infamous for it’s ability to eat strings. However a short rub in time with some denim made for some of the softest feeling finish on any throw. You just had to put in some elbow grease. Didn’t take long either. But as I’ve said before in the past and I’m still saying here today that I live in America. So i support American made. Nuff said.
Thank you for your support.


Well, you’re free to support whatever you want to, not my place to say anything. But when you start trying to push your beliefs on to individuals, you become a nuisance. Ironically, you’re contradicting one of America’s great ideals by doing so.


My new Pivot has just eaten 4 strings in 2 days… dings…


I need to get a buffing cloth to use in these scenarios. Anyone got a recommendation? Just something I can keep in my kit, rough enough to smooth out a string-eaty response area, but not rough enough not scrape away any anodization from the surface? Any recs @yoyodoc?


You are entitled to your opinion.
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