Wooden yoyo woooo's

So, I’m a 55 year old man. I started yoyoing as a child, stopped as a teenager. Now 40 later I have a yomega panther in my hand and a Duncan alien on the table. I can do all of my old tricks but after 10 minutes the string breaks and the yoyo goes flying against the wall. What have I forgotten? Wax? String types? Both yoyos were played with directly out of the package using the string previously installed. In the last few months I have purchased a few ( ha ha ) modern yoyos and have learned MATRIX, MAGIC DROP, DOUBLE and TRIPLE or NOTHING and a bunch of others so I just thought it would be cool to do some wooden and plastic loopers. Everything is changed since way back then so I don’t know what I’m looking for as far as a looping yo-yo but now I’m frustrated because the string keeps breaking

Maybe the string on the panther weakened over time? If it was the original it’s many years old. I’m not really sure why else it’d break unless something was wrong with the axle. Have you tried new strings on it?

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I was waiting to see a response from here before trying another string. I bought a package of cotton strings last year from yo-yo expert not knowing what kind of strings to use on my G squared marvel so they’ve been sitting here for a year. I have a bunch of string labs venom and ammo but I don’t think you’re supposed to use those on a wooden yo-yo

Two things…

  • Cotton string wears quickly on most any looper (such the panther).
  • The panther is a heavy yoyo and runs thru string quickly.

Don’t know much about the alien, but as a looper it too will be hard on cotton strings. I prefer slick 8 (50/50 cotton/poly) for looping. It is much stronger than cotton. There are much better fixed axle yoyos than the panther. If you can find a Tom Kuhn or BC in the BST I would buy it.

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I have seen both on the eBay what do you think is a good price?

Get your strings from here, they have good prices.
New fixed axle yo-yos that eat strings usually have a burr on the side or on the axle, check to see where the string is breaking, if it is always in the same place, look for the burr on the side of the yo-yo that is cutting through the string and gently sand it down with some very fine sandpaper , then put the yo-yos in the drawer and get a no-jive.

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There are No Jives through YYE: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/collections/wooden-yo-yos/products/no-jive-yoyo-by-tom-kuhn?variant=27422297160

And a lot of other great fixed axle options too: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/collections/wooden-yo-yos

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A new TK will run $40-$45. I’ve seen used in the $25-$35 range, unless they are a rare model such as some with the intricate mandala designs, those can go for considerably more. A BC shouldn’t be more than $10-$15.

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The yomega panther says it’s nonmodular but mine came apart so I was looking at the axle to see if there were any burrs on it, there’s a groove right in the center where the string rides and that’s where the string broke was right at the end of the string. I was thinking about sanding it with some thousand grit and then gluing it back together. the sidewalls of the yo-yo are not cutting the strings. Spending a couple hours a day throwing my 63+gm yoyos, ( the POM DRAUPNIR arrived yesterday), the panthers weight feels almost good. So I’m on the right track. I have been wondering about the TK. I’m waiting for another String Labs restock so I’ll just get a TK here and the earlier suggested string for it with my SL restock. Love all the info, thanks

I’ve got a panther. It’s been in the box since the day after I got it. Never cared for it.

I think the Panther was voted one of the top ten most awful yoyos by Ed Haponik.

Well that’s great to know now. I only started looking a few weeks ago for a looper. I didn’t know what I was looking for, and I failed to ask here before buying. Still fun though, ( other than yoyos flying towards my walls).

Yeah I just barfed in my mouth a little while reading through this thread.
Also out of my mouth.
On the floor.
But that’s ok.

To each their own, of course. One man’s steaming pile of bison-manure is another man’s… Yomega Panther. Have fun with what you’ve got, but also… yeah, don’t hesitate to try something different. I will say that I do not wax my string (or axles, unless I have a very rough one). Type 10 cotton string and Type 8 slick string are very sturdy and resistant to snapping, even on fixed axle. I would encourage you to try one of the more modern “progressive” wooden yo-yo’s (TMBR, OUT, Hildy/Recess, etc) or a No Jive, which has the added benefit of 3-in-1 design so you can set it up for looping specifically.


What about this one? https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/yoyofactory-legend-yoyo?variant=18871220996

i haven’t tried the Imperial, but i love the wing version.

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Imperial version is pretty good too.

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The yomega panther axle broke on me glueing it back in. It was probably done intentionally by myself to tell the wife there’s a really good reason to order the last TMBR Baldwin. Looking forward to throwing it. Thank you everyone for the help. And @ Ed, I spent part of my day in awe of some of your videos. Incredible

I just got a Baldwin today. It’s an excellent wooden yoyo, provably one of the best cafted ones I own.

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Congrats ;D

Baldwins are definitely legit. Good choice Glenacius K & racingyoyo!

mine is on the postal truck out for delivery. this is crazy, a 55 year old man so excited over the new throw coming today. WOOD, Midevil looking, looks like a part off of a 12th century torture rack. ordered a bunch of string, i should be hitting lunar landing by monday.