Wood is Good


Alright team,
So I have some wooden yoyos now. I have a rereleased Duncan Jeweled Tournament looper, a BC Phantom looper, and most recently, a Tom Kuhn No-Jive. What’s everyone’s favorite? I haven’t got any TMBRs yet, but I’m thinking that I might have to get a Baldwin, Lovejoy, and Fremont all of them. I’m not so keen that I’ll sell all my metals and buy fixed for life, but right now, I can loop while sitting down and that’s amusing enough. I’m thinking I’ll need a second case for days where only wooden will do…

What are some other reasonably accessible yoyos that I should hunt down?


I love my wooden throws. I have an original no-jive which has been with me since 1990… It still plays great too. I have a few BC’s too and they are great!!! I sold most of my wood collection when I got into high end metals. I had about 17-18 original Tom Kuhn’s now I have just one…

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I have a Irving pro and a fremont (thanks astral) and they are fantastic! Reviews to come.

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Love my Fremont. I have an Irving pro and some no jives but my Fremont just does it for me.


I’ve played with an Irving, and it was a joy to play with.

My current wooden go-to is the No-jive Clean Machine.

ain’t nuffin’ betta.


i’ve only played w/ a sanfran special edit. no-jive, that a good friend let me borrow for awhile.

tbh, i’m not good 'nough to really play w/ it. but thought it was a great yo yo, all the same.

i am lookin’ forward to throwin’ some tmbr…



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TMBR posted some pictures of the Baldwin to facebook, it looks AMAZING!


Haven’t had the opportunity to play much wood, but I LOVE playing Russell yoyos which have a wood fixed axle.

Expect a video for Fixed Axle February.


Well I caved and ordered a TMBR Baldwin. Really looking forward to the undersizeness.

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Let me know how it plays! I am really considering getting one along with a LOVEJOY. Man we’rre like building a little wood community within yoyoexpert!

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The Baldwin and the Lovejoy are high on my wants list. Remarkable, progressive designs in wood. Beautiful.


i really want some woods. i think i might want to get an Irving pro first. what would you suggest?

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Pick a tmbr, any tmbr. I recommend a take apart model. You will get knots.


I have a nice selection of Tom Kuhn and BC woods. Also have a couple of re-released Duncan tournaments.




I definitely want to get some wood. I think it would be fun. I was looking at a No-Jive, but IDK. I think I will research it some more


If you can find a no-jive, buy it ASAP!!!


It wasn’t new, it was on a BST, but Idk lol


I try and look for hand-turned yoyos. I have a few from local artists, and they play better than my No-Jive, for both sleep time and stalls.

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Like yoyos made around your town by wood work people?