The 0A Thread (Fixed Axle & Modern Responsive)

I’ve been thinking a lot how we should have a dedicated 0A (fixed axle and modern responsive) thread. Especially since Bryan Figueroa and Ed Haponik came up with a 0A logo (yay! we’re official now!).

In the past we’ve had the Wood Is Good thread, and recently the When did responsive become popular again? , along with a ton of smaller threads on the topic. It’d be nice to have one resource, one location, here where people can share videos, ask questions, get tips, etc.

So to start, here are a few resources, and what I feel are essential videos, that I’ve enjoyed over the years, some new and some old. Add other essential links and videos, and I’ll update this post with them as well.

YoYoNews Fixed Axle Friday, written by Drew Tetz and Ed Haponik in 2013

Bandalores project on Instagram

The Fixed Axle Megathread of Awesomeness

Essential Videos

There are so many more great videos out there, but I’ll let others start posting :slight_smile:


Here are some makers and yoyos that are common for 0A these days (not an exhaustive list):

Fixed Axle Makers: a/Rt, Duncan, Fallen44, Freshly Dirty, Hildy Brothers, Jon Gates, O.U.T, Spinworthy, TMBR, Tom Kuhn, YoYoFactory

Modern Responsive Bearing yoyos: Basecamp Moonshine, Basecamp Sherpa, Basecamp Moonshine 2.0, CoreCo Alleycat, CoreCo Alleycat 650B, DocPop Weekender, DocPop x Zipline Strings DayTripper, Duncan AL Butterfly, Duncan Freehand 1 AL SB, G Squared Respawn & Respawn Lite, * ILYY Trvth, Luftverk Alpina XP47 & XP55, Luftverk Daytona, Luftverk Daytona SB Highwall, One Drop Deep State, One Drop Deeper State, Rain City Gamer, Rain City Delrin Gamer, Rain City x Doc Pop Pop Art, Outofhand Burner, Recess Quiz, RSO x Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet, Spencer Berry’s Theodore, Spencer Berry’s Walter, Spinworthy x MK1 Bloodcell, Spinworthy x MK1 metal Harbinger, SPYY FlyingV, TimCor Starfire, Timcore Starfire 2, Tom Kuhn Black Cat, Tom Kuhn Fat Cat, Tom Kuhn SB-2, Tom Kuhn Tom Cat, Toybania STOOPID, Toybania The Thing, YoYoFactory Confusion, YoYoFactory Confusion GT, YoYoFactory tiConfusion, * Zero Gravity Return Tops El Mijo/Poly Mijo/El Tio

I know I’m missing a lot, let me know who I need to add here please


Haha that’s awesome. Man I just posted this in Andre’s styles of play thread, but I’ll do it again since I JUST typed up this little post in defense of 0a describing the modern responsive renaissance (or whatever you want to call it).

There are tons of great videos and content out there, but I’m not in a spot to add much presently. Prob the Luftverk Daytona, and I’d be appreciative if you’d add the Flying V, since it was def designed with responsive in mind. :slight_smile:

Super cool Aaron!


See, I knew I was missing some. Some that I even own! Was trying to mentally go through my shelves and cases when I made that list. And I know I’m still missing some.


Sick. A fixed/MR thread is badly needed.

To welcome this thread, here’s one of the best things i’ve landed ever in all my yoyo life.

Fixie wind-assisted gunshot hook.



This just popped in my head. Kyle Nations got 9th place at UYYC using one of Doc Pop’s Weekenders. Here is his performance:


I love the symbol, got it tattooed haha


Don’t sleep (lol) on Fallen44. Some good throws.


Did you get that done today?

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Last Friday!


Is it because of fixed axle?

I really like the logo and the whole idea behind the “0A” label. I hope it catches on!

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Yeah, modern responsive is by far where my interests and joys lie in yoyoing!


I’m excited that there is this thread dedicated to Modern Responsive, that being said; The Duncan Butterfly XT is always forgotten on the list of Modern Responsives. For being under $10 and available at some block stores it is easily accessible as well if you just want to dabble in 0A. Being a Butterfly it has nice high walls, it also has a recessed full size C bearing instead of a 1/2 spec similar to OD Deep State and the Spencer Berry Walter and Theodore. I’ve sanded down the wings with some 240 grit to give it a nice finish for Tape Measure and other grind wrap style tricks. Also being a PPP (price point plastic) when some one shouts “Walk the Dog” you can just let it drop and even jump through the hoop without any worries of ano scaring. Bryan Jardin @bjardin even puts it through some 1A paces.

Here are some profile comparisons pics with a Basecamp Moonshine and the Doc Pop Weekender.

You can get it here at YYE


Recently, a Spinworthy Harbinger crossed my path, and I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot. It inspired me to record some fixie stuff.

So, here’s my 0A/Fixie trick memo #1 - Some stalls, and a reverse stall hop catch (thanks to Bandalores for helping me with the name of that element).


@DocPop just released a pretty rad video with Kyle Nations! Looking forward to see what they come up with in the future now that Kyle is sponsored by Doc Pop Toys!


SWH 0A/Fixie trick memo #2 - a tower.


Moonshines are back :+1:


I love the Moonshine! I found that my favorite setup is to use 2 thin YYJ spacers with the slim bearing. Shims out the yoyo just enough to keep it from being snaggy, at least for me.


I think it’s one of the better C bearing responsives because it has snow tires, and the high wall with the cut out also keeps it balance for stalls. I been playing mine with Slick 6 and they have a nice feel.