DIY Fixie Strings

I’ve been reading though the fixed axle thread and I took the plunge on a Currier. I’m pretty excited to get my hands on it later this week (fingers crossed!). This new endeavor has got me thinking about stings: is anybody homebrewing fixie strings? Any pointers?

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I make my own fixie strings. I use Aurifil A1050-2024 Mako Cotton Thread Solid 50WT 1422Yds White found on Amazon. Reduce 10% then fold and twist.

I make 8, 10, and 12 full wrap versions, depending on the yoyo I want to use them with.


Awesome; thanks for the info! I’ve not used cotton string for a looong time.

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Happy to help. In my opinion, it is way easier to make cotton strings than poly. I’m probably just using the wrong poly thread, but, my poly strings were a little heavy, but hyper whippy

Yeah; that sounds like trilobal poly. I actually like the way that plays except it chews up my fingers. If you try again look for some spun poly instead. I use maxi-lock serger thread and like it.

Have you ever tried doing only a section of the string as cotton? I was thinking maybe I could do the bottom couple inches cotton and the rest of the string as poly or nylon. I know the bottom loop has to be cotton to handle the heat, but the rest of the sting?

So I took the plunge and spun up some cotton over the weekend. Super happy with the results. I made it a little thicker than the stock string that came with the yoyo.

And then, because I couldn’t resist, I made a ‘hybrid’ string that’s mostly 50/50 cotton (yellow) and trilobal poly (blue). I made the bottom few inches all cotton.

That string is a lot of fun. It’s stiffer and a little rougher than the all cotton one. Of course, I’m not really doing any string tricks with it at this point, but I’ll keep this thread updated as my skill progresses.

(That spot on the yoyo where it looks damaged is from playing the thing so much that I’ve started wearing the finish off of it, not from banging it into anything :ok_hand:)


Part of my joy in wood fixie play is seeing how I’m changing the yoyo while the yoyo is changing me. My 2015 eH is way darker now than while new. I’m also very different than I was 4 years ago…

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