String for a fixed axle throw

I have a fixed axle yoyo (with a wooden axle) and i was wondering what string I should use. I already have a few cotton strings to use, but can nylon work in a fixed axle? Rayon? I know that poly burns. Also- when stalling, how do you keep your fingers from hurting so much?

Cotton is the only way to go.

Ug. Whats the cheapest cotton string?

The stuff here on YYE is about as cheap as it gets. Support the store that pays the bills for this wonderful forum you use.

Cotton only on wood axles.

Go ahead and try the nylon … Expect to melt through it though.

No I was just curious about that. Ok i’ll look into the cotton string here. Or maybe i can find some cotton thread and make it.

Eh, I use 50/50 and it works fine. I didn’t want to get 100 cotton strings that I knew I wouldn’t use.
I do expect that cotton would be way better though.

The Type 10 cotton string that YoYoExpert sells is great for fixies !!

Indeed :wink:

50/50 works great unless you have a really rough axle, which almost no one uses anymore. i prefer slick 8 to slick 6, personally. i usually twist my own type 10 or use yye’s type 8 cotton. really depends on what you throw, the feel you like, and how you intend to play. just gotta experiment.

It may have that rough of axle you speak of because I went through 2 cotton strings last night because they snapped.

I use 50/50 slick 8. Works well for me. Lasts much longer than cotton.

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^ About to purchase an Irvine, so just wondering if I should include some string with the order. Are you supposed to use 50/50? I’ve heard that, or does poly work fine?

Only 100% cotton or it will burn through the string. I think. It has a wood axle, right? Where are you getting this irving?

I’ve had good results with slick 8 (50/50) it doesn’t melt.

50/50 will work well with an irving. poly will not hold up well. 100% cotton is also great.
whether it’s wood or not matters less than the smoothness of the axle and tmbr axles are very smooth. i would not advise 50/50 with a new russell, but no one plays those these days.

Whoops sorry guess my post was merged. My post was part of a thread lol. Thanks for the info!

How much are irvings? Do they sell on YYE? I would just check but im on mobile. Are you getting it from YYE?

Yeah from YYE, and they’re 15 dollars, which I think is awesome ;D

I just ordered that along with a bulk pack of 50/50 ;D ;D