What string to use in a fixed axle

Hey guys I think I’m gonna try some fixed axle play with the new hildy brothers currier and I was just wondering what is the best string for fixed axle yoyo with a maple axle. Thanks so much!

If you are ordering from here there is only one choice, type-10 thick cotton. If you want colors other than white PM me, I’ll recommend a great string from another supplier.


Wood axle = 100% cotton.

YYE’s Type 10 100% cotton is what I would recommend.

Something about wood yoyo, wood axle and white cotton string that seems so right.

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Note that type-10 is only available in the 100-pack last time I checked. That’s OK, if you’re doing fixed-axle a significant amount, you’ll use it. Some people break strings on fixed-axle throws every 30 minutes to 2.5 hours (depending on intensity of session and integrity of string).

Lasts a bit longer for me, but not TOooo much. Or maybe it really only lasts that long for me, too, and my fixed-axle sessions are short enough and spread-out enough that I don’t notice!

Another vote for type 10 cotton. Its the best over all in my opinion.

My preference is 100% cotton, but I mostly use slick 8 because it’s more durable.
(Slick 8 = 50/50 cotton/poly)