Let’s talk wooden fixed axle

I am wanting to get into fixed axle, and will be obtaining a few Spinworthy throws (and hopefully a TMBR or two), and I’m hoping to be able to get to that.

Any advice any of you would mind sharing that you think would have helped you when starting your journey? Best string? Anything else?

Thanks for your time.


Well we all know @edhaponik is the authority but since I’m first to reply:
Cotton string
String will wear out way quicker so be aware
:boom:In unresponsive play you never have a “surprise return” you will in fixed axle, so always be at the ready to grab.


Type 10 string is good for fixies. I would pick a pack of normal and type 10 to see what i like best.

Start by doing looping basics with your fixies. Paddleball, Planet hops, foward pass and any regen based trick is good to learn. Also, learn how to transition between those regen based tricks. Take your time with shoot the moon, that’s a hard one.


Get bulk YYE cotton and it’s not necessary but I like a little chap stick inside the loop for a smooth response.


I suppose I should have included my responsive history.

I played on a Tigershark during the 90s boom. I’m semi familiar with the beginner and intermediate tricks common to that era.


Most of the past decade’s development has been about the relationship between motion and stillness. Stuff like stalls (and the transitions between them), regenerations, and stop n’ go’s. Like just about any yo-yoing, it’s about getting into that State of Yo mindset.

If you’re inclined, check out the YYE tutorials for basics, the “fixed friday” vids/articles from a few years back http://yoyonews.com/?s=fixed+friday and our newer stuff at instagram.com/bandalores for some more specific tutorials.

There’s a lot of info out there, and more players trying progressive fixed axle than ever, so plenty of folks to communicate/commiserate with!


Yeah I’ve seen a couple of your videos with those kind of trapeze stops with little suicide tosses and flips that are impossible on a spinning yoyo (I’m completely sure my description is horrible there, but I hope you know what I’m talking about), and that sort of stuff is what interests me most (though I’m sure it’s not easy).

The style seems so raw and natural. I’m looking forward to giving it a try!


My bad for assuming your level of skill lol.

Nah dude i should have stated it.


Best String is 100% cotton YYE Type-10


Keep a fixed axle in your pocket, look up some of Ed’s tutorials in the YYE site and just throw it regularly throughout the day. Make sure you don’t lose your love of the basics; they feel great, are foundational, and are great stress relievers. Keep on making da 'zines.

The YYE type 10 cotton advice is good. Get plenty of that.


Thanks for all of the feedback everyone!

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When Yye changes the label on cotton from “beginner” string to “beginner/fixed axle” or similar, we’ll know we’ve made it lol. :rofl:


my $0.02 - string tension matters, but, thankfully, there are tricks like UFO to adjust it.

The only other insight I can share is fixed axle (and, yoyo in general) isn’t about a race to some imagined end, it is about the never ending journey. The journey should be fun, but, like life, there will be times of frustration. If there is a trick or element that is driving you bonkers, its OK, switch to something else (another trick, play some unresponsive or a different style, try another activity). Yoyos are toys, play should be fun, if it feels like drudgery, you aren’t having fun.

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We probably have to run through a good deal of stock before those labels change, but that’s a good idea!


Yeah I was kinda kidding. I’ve joked about it with Andre. I do feel that if you can’t deal with the “beginner” stigma, then fixed axle might not be for you! I feel like a beginner every session!



Love that quote

Well fixed axle has definitely gained some popularity since we made those labels. And slick 6 has kind of faded out entirely. I think a redesign might be in order in the future. :+1: