best fixed axle string

so i just got the eh love it by the way. so I’ve been using the yye cotton strings because i heard they were supposedly good for fixed axle play. I’ve already snapped one and didn’t have much faith in them from the start but i figured i would try it. are there better strings to use? would fat poly kitty string be good?

I’ve been using Type 10 for years, maybe even a decade now.

You don’t really want to use a Poly string on a wood axle, the axle will heat up and melt the string, so you’ll go through poly strings really quick.

Cotton is king on wood fixed axles. If you like Kitty Fat’s, then you may like the Type 10 Cotton. Its $11 for 100 of them through YYE:


thats exactly what i used and snapped it in 10 minutes. maybe a lemon? user error?

I’ve never used those strings. But as a string maker there are some crappy strings that brake in a few minutes. Once I had a string brake on me in a less than 50 throws with it.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’ve been using my 2014 eh a ton since I got it. I’ve been through 2 strings (I’m terrible about changing them). I haven’t broke a string in years. But it can happen if it just so happens to have a weak point in the string to begin with.

it was just weird cuz i just bought the string and yoyo it was the first string i used out of 100 that snapped. freak accident i guess

just snapped another. just realized the strings weren’t type 10 they were regular white cotton strings… could that be why they are snapping?

Maybe take the axle out and look at it. Even look at it while it’s in. Is there anything sharp that the string could be rubbing against? Then take the axle out and check to make sure there isn’t anything rough on it.

tried all of that nothing seems to be rough or sharp. the axle appears to be fine.

If you were throwing constantly for 2 hours, that might be about all the time they have in them if they aren’t type 10

I use the yye normal cotton with a tiny bit of Bert bees wax lip balm rubbed on the end. Works great. Although on a wood fixed, unless you change strings often, you will snap them. At least I do.

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