How to wax string...


So, how do you? I have candle wax BTW.

(Shisaki) #2

Get wax on finger and apply to string?


what is that supposed to do


It would be uneven in ceratin spots, so I just wondered if there was like a specail way, considering the wax drys on your hand in about 1 second…

(Shisaki) #5

Just have a chunk, apply it, then start rubbing it over and over until it’s even.


So it doesn’t have to be melted? Ok stupid question lol

(Shisaki) #7

Don’t think so. Maybe you could have melted wax and dip the string in it?


I was thinking that. But then the string would be like flooded with it.

(Shisaki) #9

Let it drip off, or run a cloth over it to remove excess


Why would you wax a string?
What does it do?

(screamo) #11

Be careful , the wax dries fast when exposed to air.

(Chris Allen) #12

You’re playing with a wood axle?

(DOGS) #13

I think it also is supposed to make suicides wicked easy because it doesnt let the string twist up.


I’ve also only ever heard it done on a wood axle. I also wax the area where loop on your finger rubs when looping, since that’s where my strings tend to break more. (I don’t know that it really helps, but it makes me feel better. lol)

All I did to do that is to put my string on a candle same as you’d put it on the axle, then give it a few turns, same with the finger loop.


Wax on the string is -ONLY- for fixed wood axle.

Anything else and it just makes a mess and serves no purpose.


(Chris Allen) #16

And if I may add…
100% Cotton string only.


But why…


100% cotton is all that should ever be used on wood axles.

Anything with poly in it will break down and melt into the axle, ruining it.



Sheesh there is so much out of date info out there on this topic. I’ve used modern poly string extensively with my No Jive and Eh, both wood axles, and it does NOT melt.


That’s a matter of opinion. :roll_eyes: