Favorite Fixed Axle Yoyo?

Hey guys, I want a good fixed axle yoyo. I think they are fun. I don’t want a wooden axle though. I have a profly that I got as a beginning looper yoyo, and I liked it, til I tried to throw down hard to get through a triple or nothing and I broke the loop on the bottom of the string. I thought it was just a worn out string, so I put on a new one, bam broke again with a hard throw.

so pretty much I want a fixed axle, not wood throw, so I can throw down hard without breaking a string.

Pretty much any fixed axle worth having is wood. Sounds like your axle had a defect.

Buy any yoyo made by TMBR. I can pretty much guarantee it will be problem free.

What kind of string were you using?

What kind of string were you using? Cotton 8 or slick 8 work good. Poly, not so good. Cotton will wear after a bit.

Bad axle - check it and see. Take it apart and check for roughness. If it looks rough use a string to smooth it a bit. Wrap a loop of string around it leaving about a foot on each end. grab the ends and pull on each alternatively to slide the string through the gap.

I was using poly string. Must be it. which string will last the longest and withstand a hard throw?

Thanks for the help guys!

100% cotton.

50/50 lasts longer.

I didn’t like the feel of it to use it long enough to see. I can’t imagine how, though. It’s half poly, which melts. Maybe it’s a mystery.

slick 8 (50/50) plays pretty good. Lasts longer than cotton. I use it on most of my fixed axle loopers.

does yoyoexpert sell this? or if not how do I get a hold of it?

YYE sells slick 6 50/50. It’s a bit thinner than slick 8. I don’t think it works as well as 8.