String Making

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About a year ago, I have string making a go, but I used the wrong thread so it wasn’t usable. Recently I’ve gotten back into it and here’s the first usable string I’ve made -->

I don’t know what it’s made of, but it’s really soft. I know I messed up on the tension, but it’s only my 1st (ish) time.

The plan is to put a rig together and make a bunch of yoyo string with the yoyo club at my school. The school colors are navy blue and gold so we’re going to try and get a candycane version of that.

(Wide yoyo enthusiast) #2

String making is fun. I usually do 100% poly because I have the stuff on hand and it’s cheap.

These are some variations I’ve done. Nowadays if I do string, it’s mostly for pictures. I’ll try nylon at some point to see if I can make a really good string, right now the play is pretty average.

(Jon) #3

Can’t deny that those strings look really nice. Do you have any tips for specific thread companies and techniques? What rig do you use? I plan on making one from pvc


@smileypants707 & @MarkD


Any poly or nylon threads would work fine, test out whatever threads you have access to. And no need for a rig really when you’re testing stuff out. I just use a pull-up bar and a shelf at either end and i’ve made some pretty good strings. :grin:

({John15}) #6

I like to use MaxiLock polyester and MaxiLock STRETCH nylon for strings. I usually have to order those offline.

If you can’t find those, sure lock polyester will work just fine, and bulky nylon (Guterman I believe). Most Jo-Ann Fabric stores carry that.

(Wide yoyo enthusiast) #7

I have no dedicated rig. I use two clamps fastened to tables. I use pretty much any thread I have, but I’m open to suggestions on brands and whatever. I tension the string with a dremel, fold and rotate it with a clamp by hand. Overall my method is kinda slow, but I don’t make string in bulk anyways.

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(Niko) #8

I want to make a lot of yoyo string quickly & efficiently, but I haven’t a clue how to make a rig. Does anyone have any good blueprints or designs for one?

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(Wide yoyo enthusiast) #9

There’s some good info.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #10

The whole thing is about 12 feet long. The hinge isn’t necessary unless you want to fold it up for storage. If you go to a Home Depot or similar store you can get a long 2x4 and have them cut it in half right there in the store.

The other hardware needed are some small eyelets and cup hooks - no coating on either.

You can make a spool holder out of some more wood + dowels, or in my case, PVC and long bolts. I think dowels would be better in the long run, though.

(Jon) #11

With pvc, couldn’t you just take it apart for storage?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #12

Yeah, absolutely. That’s one reason why pvc is great for things like this!

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I’m impressed with everyone who makes their own poly/nylon/any non-cotton string. I make almost all of the cotton string I use when playing fixed axle. I like it fine. I’ve done a couple of experiments with poly, the poly has been a bit heavy, hyper whippy. Not terrible, but, not anything I like playing nearly as much as just about any commercial string I’ve tried.

Your strings look pretty good, if you are enjoying the process, keep at it, keep experimenting. Keep in mind, when I did the math on material cost vs. string cost, for both cotton and poly, I found buying even boutique string was less expensive than making my own. That said, I keep making cotton because I like how my cotton string plays and feels in the hand.

(Jon) #14

Managed to put together some “usable” string from this sketchy stuff I got about a year ago


I would use caution with that one, Cotton will be more prone to breaking with a modern 1A yo-yo.

(Jon) #16

I’m aware. It’s random thread I got for making strings while I was just an innocent and careless n00b.
It’s so soft though. Like I could use a bunch of it to stuff a pillow :bed:


Fixed that for you, there :wink:

(Justin Hammond) #18

I’ve been making strings for about 2 months. It’s mega addicting and super relaxing. I’ve probably made about 10 unusable strings, but I’m finally getting close to a good formula. I just use general purpose poly from Walmart and it’s great. I’ve made a couple nylons and nylon/poly blends, but haven’t used em yet. Just enjoy the poly so much, haven’t seen a reason to try it yet lol. A rig is definitely helpful. I was using a vise and a heavy camera tripod, but the Tripod kept falling when I would do my fold lol.


Just a heads up for anyone else wanting more info. Saw this farther down the category and this is quite helfpul for any aspiring string maker.

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