First time Custom Yoyo String

Hello, im fairly new to yoyos, been playing for about a month or so, and im Addicted! Pictured is my first yoyo, a Dash and some custom string i made. Anyway I was in need for some string really bad, so i ordered sick 6 and 100% polly to try em both out. Well the shipment was lost woo hoo!! So i was bored and off today so i decided to make my own. I can tell u what, ill never buy string for the rest of my life! This stuff i made is SO easy, too about 15 mins per string, and you can make it any colour or size you want, well one of my friends said I should start selling it, but I just wanted to get every-ons opinion on it. Not bad for some sewing string, 2 nails and a drill haha. Sorry for the bad pix, camera broke, so i had to take them from my phone, but i would like everyones honest oppinion. Thanx

All of them

Gold, blue and black

Black n White

Black N Yello

red, white, black

black n blue

these strings look sick!

any way u could make a tutorial? i know theres some online but they dont mention some of the details and they lose me :frowning:

All I can say is wow.

If you ever need any testers hit me up :smiley:

Id be glad to write a review on it.

Those strings looks great!

They look as good as the strings I make for myself, and I have been making and perfecting yoyo strings for nearly a year! :o

Keep making strings, and I reccommend you go to your local Joann’s and experiment with different thread types and thread companies. :wink:

string looks awesome! but looks arent everything! how does it play? and what did you make it out of?

id like to make my own string. but 5-10 minutes per string… id rather spend 5-10 seconds ordering a pack of 100 lol

The problem with buying strings online is that you have to pay for them (for homemade yoyo strings, you just have to pay for the thread.) and you have to pay shipping. THEN you have to wait 3-4 days for the package to arrive. :wink:

Oh, and when you get better making strings you can make a yoyo string about every 3-5 minutes, which is the rate I make strings at. I say it’s worth it. :slight_smile:

Hey all Thanks Its really appreciated. As far as a tut, ill see what I can do, only going on day 2 and I’m finding out different tricks and what not, so once I get 100% comfortable ill see what I can do. Also as far as testers, its the same answer, i want to hone my string in a little better, the stuff I make for my self is about 25% thinner, usually a retail yoyo string has 6 threads in it, but with the sewing string i use is 100% polly and 1/3 the size, so it takes about 10 stings, and thats a bit small but works fine for me, but just a few hrs ago i think i found the right size. If i get enough people that want to try out the string, I think I might throw like a 3-5 string tester pack together for like 5 bux w/ shipping. And the most popular ill start making more of, any color yall want. I should have everything down in the next day or so. but thanks again guys

The strings play ok, i mean i have a yomega dash, and we know the response system on them, so i did make some string that was 8 thread count, and its pretty small which makes it pretty unresponsive. Its very strong, 100% polly, but it is a pain to bind, u have to double up, and this is what ive been working on as far as the thickness. Great for whipping and string tricks, and they almost never tangle for me personally. yeah i can make a string in about 5 mins. I just made these today.

And thanks to Newbies United, we have a Joann’s like a mile down the road, and got me some neon yellow string, oh i cant wait until my paycheck gunna buy a crap load of thread lol.

Pink-Valentines day! lol ;D

gold bronish

neon green

Fav- Neon green and yello

You’re lucky, I the nearest Joann’s for me is like 30 miles away. ::slight_smile:

Keep experimenting with different thread companies, I use the thread “Toldi-Lock by Gutermann”, the spools themselves are grey and there is 2734 yards in one spool. I have found these strings are the best in terms of overall play. And in most threads of yoyo string selling, where they show the color options, I see they use the same thread. Also, if you ever need to buy tons and tons of spools, Joann’s usually have a 50% off thread sale in April…it saved me over $100 last spring. :wink:

Also, some thread types/tips:

Bulky nylon is soft, thick, has excellent binds, and is great for whips.
Rayon and Triobal polyester is thin and whippy, but painful on the hands and slippy binds.
Silk is interesting, kinda similar to cotton…I’ve made rough and soft strings from it, still experimenting cautiously…silk is ridiculously expensive.
Dual Duty polyester (small spools) is whippy and has decent binds, but slightly rough. The nice thing is that there is tons of bright/neon colors and even color blends.
Just a tip, adding single threads of whippy thread to other soft threads in a yoyo string made a soft string that is excellent with whips.

Hope that helped. :slight_smile:

Yeah thats what ive been using is the Dual Duty stuff thats the neon string i made today, its WICKED thin, took me 14 threads as to 8 or 9 usually…

id like to get like sponsored, free yoyo’s and free string! haha i know the Brett guy that is all over the place was sponsored when he first started, i mean i just started but free crap would help me out so much and learning and what not lol, kinda off subject

Lol, if you wish to be sponsered, the best tip I can give you is to just yoyo and have fun. Don’t worry about sponsorship, If you’re good at yoyoing, and well known in the community, sponsorship will come. :slight_smile: yoyoing is all about having fun, it’s not all about sponsorship and free yoyos. Also, If you’re sponsored, in contests and videos you pretty much have to use your companies yoyos, you’re limited to the yoyos you can use.

oh im not good haha, well ive only been playing for a month, cant even boing 3 boing, lol but im good at trapeez type tricks and double or nothin and stuff like that, im currently working on the matrix

You’re doing great, keep learning tricks and you’ll be learning master tricks in no time. :slight_smile:
Don’t worry about learning boingy-boing, nearly everyone that knows that trick had immense trouble learning it, including me. You’ll understand the trick eventually. :slight_smile:

Haha yeah as Newbies said just yoyo for fun and the sponsership will come.

Keep experimenting on the string and when your ready I’ll test it.

Have fun throwing ;D

Here is my tut, first one i EVER made so be easy, it was a pain in the butt, but i think it came out ok.