making yoyo string

i wanted to try to make some yoyo string because everyone says its great and has good slacks. I saw some videos and they showed just wrapping the string around a lot of times like brazillian, and then folding it in half. Is this the best/easiest way to make it, and has anyone tried making something like type 6 string? like make it long, double it over, then double it over again? Where do you buy the thread? ??? ???

Great Question, to be honest its all up to you and your “style”. Below is a vid that I made, and everyone I have showed my string to has loved it. Now as far as wrapping and folding it in half, this is what has worked best for me. Now the 6, i have yet to figure that out lol, the only thing i can think of is the threads that they are using are thicker then regular? lol. And as far as folding it more then once I doubt that wont work very well because when you tighten the string and fold it in half thats what makes the 2 halves spin around to form the yoyo string. And as far as “materials” really there is an ENDLESS supply. Now as we all know 100% Polyester and %50 polly/50% cotton are the most popular. But there is pretty much ANYTHING you can use from polly to even silk. As far as were you can pick this stuff up, is any place that sells sewing stuff, to even your local wal-mart or even target. A few suggestions for you just starting dont go spend a lot of money. Buy a few colors, watch the tutorials and mess around, its all about trial and error. Where I personally go is a fabric store called Joanns Fabrics, but You can get thread at any place that sells sewing stuff. Now for a start you can pick up a brand called Coats & Clark All Purpose 100% Poly. Its about 1.99 for 300 yards, nice n soft and good for whips, Also they have this other stuff at joanns called Dual Duty XP which makes some good string. Hopes this helps, and check out these other links. If u have any questions u can PM me.

Thread Link, Ill tell you they have some WICKED colors.

My vid tut, how to make string.

My First String Making Tread:

And this Guy- Newbies United has really helped me Tons!

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which is your favorite, meaning which brand is better, and why does one brand sell one 1100 yd spool for $7 and one for $5?
could i use clear, and why are some shaped like a cylender and one with a tapered top?
also glow in the dark - can i use that (even though its $5 for 100 yds)

ive used polyester, nylon, cotton, and fishing line… ive also heard a rumor of human hair (nasty)… the point is you can use what ever you like… the sky is the limit … but i wouldnt reccomend anything like copper wire, it may eat up your response (or worse)

if all else fails, invade your moms/grammas/wifes sewing kit

yeah 100% polly, they have a brand called Coats & Clark All Purpose 100%polly at wal-mart, its really sick, and my fav is called dual duty xp, found that at joanns fabrics.