Yoyo string making.

So I’m new to the forums and to the art of making yoyo string. Ive made a couple of strings that all work, just not exactly right. I made the strings out of 100% polyester thread, but I just got a hold of some 100% cotton thread and am going to experiment with that as well. My question is are there any others out there that make their own string? What kind of thread do you use? How many winds do you make? results?

1st, i reccomend not using cotton. second, look up buddy jim ;D

I was gonna try a 50/50 deal with cotton and polyester. Ive made a couple pure polyester strings and I’m just not in love with it.

Trial and error, trial and error. It took me a week to get consistent and making usable string. If you try to match a highlight in twists and size it will give you a good baseline then experimentation will come much easier.

Im having tons of fun making my own as opposed to buying it. I feel more in tune with my yoyo knowing that I made the string. I was just curious about others experience and results. It really only took my once to make a string that actually worked Im just not completely satisfied with its performance.

I only use the stuff I make now because once you get the string made right other string just doesn’t cut it. I use s-69 TEX 70 polyester “soft”, seems to work well for me it’s a bit thicker so I only have to wrap it twice around my poles instead of five times. ;D And when it comes to twisting it I feel that when I think it’s done I need to spin it for a bit longer because I usually under spin it.

I just got whatever thread they had at the fabrics store. Ive done 4 wraps, 6 wraps, and 9 wraps. The 4’s didnt work, but the 6’s seemed to be just like factory strings. The 9 wrap was definitely my favorite, almost no bounce. I just got a new yoyo last night though and I’m going to try a few different ways with this one till I get what I want.

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I make my own string. I recommend you experiment with different brands/types of thread from your nearest Joann’s. I posted this awhile back:

Oh, and Joann’s is having a special sale that is called “Daffodil Dash”, where many things throughout the store are 50% off-including thread. This sale lasts from April 10-16(Going on right now), so if you are willing to spend a bit of money then I suggest you go to your nearest Joann’s and use these tips to get yourself some of the best thread for yoyo strings. Also, another tip:

-Bulky Nylon is AMAZING. The string likes to unravel at the end of the string, but the string is super soft but amazingly whippy.

Sorry for the wall of text, hope that helped. :slight_smile:

I learned how to make string from my aunt who learned how to make it in the Philippines like fifty years ago.