String-Making - Tuts?

Could you please provide a few in-depth, but easy tuts for string making? I REALLY want to get into it :slight_smile:

I know zela had a pretty good one I’ll post the link when I find it.

Edit- here it is

well ive been making string for the past few days honestly its not was hard as it sounds. ill give u a few tips, or u can shoot me a PM and i can tell u what to do, u dont even need a vid.

this is what i personally did, and mine is perfect.

  1. Depending on the string size u want w/o waisting a lot of thread, i made a 10 ft gap. Tie your first thread to one hook A then to B, and so forth until you have about 10 threads which would be 5 wraps.

2.Keep the thread tie, get a hook or something, and drill and spin it untill its tight and starts to pull the drill, do it for about 10 inches.

  1. At this point, DO NOT give the string any slack or it will go all to hell lol. what i did was hold the string in my left hand, while putting the yoyo on my right hand and push it down to keep tension, until i got to the other end, keeping tension grab the other end of the string with your left hand so u have both ends with your arm in the air and your right hand with the yoyo going down. kind like u are making a straight up and down line? with your hands i guess lol?

  2. let your hand with the yoyo go, and the yoyo will spin for about 45 secs? and it will look like a yoyo string. lol

Sorry about that its pretty hard to describe, and my camera is down right now, but ill make a tut soon. good luck

There is a great thread posted by Paul Wallace of yoyo G strings on another forum… I won’t post the link here but let me know if you want me to pm you the link or something

Good Video:

Good Written Tutorial: Someplace else…
PM Hadoe if you want it.
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These are both just ideas of how to do it though, after you’ve been doing it for a while you’ll develop you’re own way of doing it.

thats the link i was referring to, however you should not post links to other forums that are afilliated with a competing store

I may be wrong, but I was under the impression the “general chat rules” applied only to the chat

I’ve posted the link somewhere else before and none of the admins cared. It should be fine, especially since I’m not advertising the other forums store in any way.

Edit - Apparently they care now XD, PM me for the link, it helped me a lot when I was starting.

I made a few awhile back…

i made this with my GF last night, hope this helps  ;D

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Sorry I know I am a noob, but what is a “tut”?

TUT= Tutorial or a walk through on how to do something.

I feel that I should mention that you can make a string in just about any way you like, and that my method is nothing like the ones posted here. … Well not very close anyways. One day when I can get a friend with a decent camera to help me make a tutorial I will make one. In the mean time if you want to see my method Pm me, and I can try to get some quick step by step tuts to you.

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Quote for truth

Well, I have yet to watch the vids, but I have found my first thread types and colors, and have given them names. xD

Thanks for the tuts, and, I’m aware that you can do alot of things, but my main question now is, "How can I be sure it’s twisted just right - not too tight, not too loose?

Trial and error my friend. Watch my vid, it tells you lol thats why its there. I mean the only thing u can really do is just test. I mean u dont want to make it so tight it snaps, or just starts to curl all up. Or too loose that the strings arnt tight. honestly use 2 colors at first, that will help you. For me, i let the string pull about 10-12 inches. that seems good to me.

I’ll see if I can pm you the video of my snap test. it has worked really well for me. It’s a second step you can add to the experienced guess.

Ok I got some 100% poly thread and made my first string today.
Not the greatest, but it throws ok, so I am not upset.

What is it about poly that makes it good string?

Strength? Smoothness?

It seems a little unimaginative to limit ourselves to only these two materials.
I’m thinking silk, nylon, there are a lot of options.

poly My friend if you really want to take a walk on the wild side get some Singer fusion 70% poly 30% cotton. I feels like a normal poly, but it whips like a pro. You get a little woosh effect with it. Also I don’t know what all purpose polyester has in it, but that stuff is amazing. (These will cost about 50 cents per string in material, but they play way beyond anything I have ever used. You can also try mixing in Nylon covered Metallic string, for better whipping. If your feeling really daring you can try the nylon used in upulstry (Spelling?) Stuff is really tough, but it can do just about any whip you want. Then of course the always winner of thread that I like is Trilobal Polyester, or simply put embroidery polyester.

I’m still toying with silk nylon cotton and rayon. I like them, but right now I’m just doing some mix and max with those.