Fixed Axle Friday Throws


I know there is a daily throw thread, but I didin’t see one dedicated for Fixed Axle Fridays. Today I’m going to be trowing a Duncan ProFly and ProYo. Lets see some pics

How durable are wood yoyos? Show me your most "loved" wood!
(ChrisFrancz) #2

I am not skilled enough to really work the YYF Legend much. I learned Around the World and Forward Pass on the Butterfly (3 years ago) but modern yoyos have spoiled me so much that I can’t do much with fixed axle and would need a lot of practice to work ‘em.

(Spinworthy Glen) #3

Spinworthy Harbinger for Fixed Axle Friday for me.


What wood choice is that Harbinger?

(Spinworthy Glen) #5

Walnut. I have a very nice piece of it.

(Rock Shouse) #6

Hey guys…I have a fixed axle Legend but it feels so lie compared with my Gamer? Are there heavier feeling wood fixed axles better weighted than the Legend? I could sure try one if I knew?


Yeah there are absolutely heavier ones and @Glenacius_K can get you set up with one, but it really comes down to your fixed axle play style. Fixed has kinda taken on its own identity now where tricks don’t necessarily mirror regular 1a, so lots of fixed fans prefer lighter models, myself included. Works well for stalls, regens, flips, and stuff like that. All that being said, doing 1a tricks on a wooden yoyo is still a fun challenge so if that’s what you like, then maybe a heavier model would suit you well

(Spinworthy Glen) #8

I personally love the white oak Harbinger. It weighs in at about 58g but it feels so good to use.

(Gethin) #9

Haha it’s Friday! Been throwing only these yoyo’s for about 2 weeks, especially orange and blue butterfly I built out of old parts

thanks for the sticker Glen!


I didn’t know @Glenacius_K had switched to plastic lathes :rofl:

(Spinworthy Glen) #11

I can actually lathe plastic!

(Gethin) #12


(Spinworthy Glen) #13

I definitely can. I just need some POM or acetal rod.

(Gethin) #14

awesome! Where can you find that stuff?

(Spinworthy Glen) #15

Ebay has it in 60mm diameter.

(Gethin) #16

Awesome! I will pm you so I don’t clutter the thread!

(Spinworthy Glen) #17

No problem, just bé aware it will cost a bit because the plastic is expensive.


Today I’m throwing the YYF Legend Wing. Nice and snappy. Hopefully @YOHANS will contiune the Confusion series with a plastic fix axle Confusion, that would be sweet for modern responsive play.

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #19

That is a great photo of a fun yoyo! Thanks for posting that. The Legend series was built to connect modern players to the golden era of yoyo play. The Filipinos were innovators in the one-piece design guaranteeing a precise string gap. The wood axle helped generate high rpm and reliable response. If we did a modern plastic fixed axle it would have to employ a wooden axle. Plenty of plastic fixed axle designs in history with metal axles that simply left the player wishing for a wooden yoyo. Wood is the heart and soul of a good fixed axle.


That would be an awesome fixie, a wood
axled plastic Confusion. Like the old ProYos