Fixed Axle Friday Throws


The OUT pocket love in oak is the heaviest of my 5 fixies. Plays amazing. Feels premium.

(ChrisFrancz) #23



This is how I feel about the Duncan Butterfly. Throwing it for a while makes me wish for wood again.

I’m working at using a strong plastic axle in a plastic fixed axle yoyo right now. So far, it seems to be working pretty well. You just need the right kind of plastic.


Pocket Love’s. OG and new run.

(ChrisFrancz) #26

What’s the weight? It’s not mentioned in the shop here. Probably 53g or less?


My OUT walnut Cheap Thrills weighs in at 45g. This is my lightest yo, but it is also one of my best and has better spin times than my 53g Hildy Bro.


(ChrisFrancz) #29

Cool. After playing 66-68g throws when I got a Legend it felt like a cotton ball attached to a string. I am not skilled enough yet to throw such lightness.


Not sure about the weights, but the oak is much heavier than the walnut. I’d say the oak one is as heavy or heavier than the deep state. Walnut one is defiantly lighter than the deep state.


Walnut < maple < oak in terms of weight.