What do you think is the best fixed axle yoyo

Hi people,

Just interested to hear what you feel is the best fixed axle yoyo you’ve played is.

It’s a really hard one to choose for me, but I think my two favourites are the O.U.T Hipster and the YYF legend Wing.

It’s hard to choose because most fixed axle yoyos I’ve used seem to peform pretty well.


I’m gonna have to go with my SW Harbingers! Yes I have more than one because they are that good. Aside from them, probably my skate ply currier, but I’d love to get my hands on an OUT Mojo or Cheap Thrills @once_upon_a_paul


The wood thread axle SPYY/TMBR Eh is probably my favorite for learning or hitting a trick. I like the old Duncan butterflys to carry around and throw too.

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The eh really does look superb. Does it have a good reliable response?

The butterfly for me is also one I really like.

Yeah I’m a Butterfly fan myself. I’ve got a couple vintage ones

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I’ve never had any issues with response.

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My favorite is the Orphan, and 2nd is the Legend Wing.

I think the EH would be right up there, but the one I have comes apart no matter what I do, so I’ve kinda given up on it. And yes, I’ve tried all kinds of things with tightening it, even my own mod of strengthening the slot so I can crank it down tighter. It will stay together for a while, but then randomly come undone, and go flying off at high speed!

It’s wood, so I just probably got one that expanded slightly around the threads. I also have had trouble getting it, and my No-Jives to respond like I’d like them to. When it was working right, it was great.

I’ve had my Baldwin fly apart on me a few times too. I’ve had to really torque down the side caps to stop that from happening. It bothers me that the caps on the side don’t sit flush with the half, as well.

People say you can adjust the gap with the wood thread axles, but I don’t understand how seeing as the caps would protrude more and more the thinner you make the gap.

Yeah, the string gap is not truly adjustable, as the center part containing the actual axle is one piece!

The EH feels so amazing! I just lose patience fooling around with things after a while. I’ve got just about every axle type and species Colin made. Maybe I could get one to work if I tried enough of them.

Also, I have gotten it to work for extended periods, it’s just that the sudden fail is alarming!

Last, when I’m into a yoyo, I like to carry it in my pocket. I felt like the humidity and temperature changes exacerbated the issue.

I had problems with my Orphan as well, It came apart on both halves. I was able to glue it back. Wood glue didn’t work though. I finally got it to stay together with super glue.

I’ve also had problems with the Legend wing. I’ve broken 3 axles!

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The EH is awesome. My very favorite, though, is the Sullivan. It’s got a ton of power and I love the shape of it.

Re: the adjustability of the TMBR axles - you’re right, Myk_Myk that the area where the string rests isn’t adjustable beyond a certain width. What is adjustable, though, is the distance between the halves, which can help reduce string rub.

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I would say the best fixed axle yoyo is one where someone has “fixed” a bearing to said axle :wink:

But I guess the metal axle ones aren’t too bad, as the friction goes down a lot compared to wood… thus the classic Duncan Imperials and Butterflys?


My Harbinger and Scorcher are both top-notch amazing throws. I don’t have much to compare them with but they’re definitely the best fixies I’ve played, for sure!

The Legend Wind and Butterfly are both great for their price, I usually have one or the other in my pocket when I’m out.

I have an old Russell Super that goes pretty hard too.


Honored to see legend wing mentioned. I’m pretty stoked we can keep a good wood yoyo available all the time



Also a butterfly with the steel axle ripped out and replaced with a wooden axle is really great.


Glenacius_K’s Harbinger, O.U.T. Mojo and Legend Wing. Don’t care for the No Jive much.


I’ve got a San Francisco era No Jive Clean Machine that is pretty great. Also love my TMBR eH’s & Sullivans. As well as a custom Hildy Currier that Luke made me. And a sparkle Butterfly and a solid orange Butterfly, also an older Orphan.

I think if I only kept several fixed axles it would be these.


this question has made me ponder…I really like my 2015 eH, it just works for me (once I dialed in the string and response). No Jive is also a favorite. Legend Wing top notch, I still get sad I lost mine (yes, I can fix that sadness by buying a new one), possibly the best fixed axle value out there. However, the fixed axle that Glenacius K made me (eucalyptus wood?) just might get the most play time.

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I used zebrawood for the one I made you.

The yoyos I make these days are so superior to the one I made you that I’m almost embarrassed about that one. :grimacing:

thank you for the clarification. wood type aside, that yoyo is a solid player!

My opinion on this has changed!

I definitely like fixed axles on the heavier side. I feel the BC Apollo might be my favorite overall for simplicity and “it just works”.

But the Tom Kuhn Clean Machine is a close second – I love the reversibility, and the replaceable axle sleeve, so I can use it in pure looping imperial mode or chill butterfly. There is something pure about the classic No Jive take-apart design.

I just weighed them, and yeah. Apollo is 61.2g, CM is 55.6g. I don’t think i would want anything heavier than the Apollo, though. That’d be kinda nuts.

They are strikingly similar in dimension, looks like the Apollo is a mm wider maybe? The butterfly angle is a tad steeper on the TK as well. They could easily be siblings though.