best wood fixed axle

what is in your opinion the best wood fixed axle yoyo available on the market to date. best meaning in terms of spin time, durability, specs, etc.

Well, I’ll have to give you a short list because it’s hard to choose, but here are my favorites:

2014 Eh
Hildy Currier
OUT Just For Fun
OUT Cheap Thrills
TK No Jive

If you’re starting to get the picture, the world of wood is all in the player, not the yoyo itself. Harder woods like purpleheart are going to be more durable to hits of course, but as far as spin…? It’s a fixed axle, so the only variable is the person throwing it. Pick anything up, doesn’t even have to be wood. You can go to the corner drugstore and pick up a $3 Duncan butterfly or imperial and do crazy stuff with it. Just watch some Ed Haponik videos, or drew Tetz. The possibilities are endless.


Based on availability I’d say hands down the Tom Kuhn No Jive. Can find them new or used most anywhere, and they are very durable.

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I am a huge No-jive fan. They all play great out of the box, and they just have this je ne sais quoi…
That said, the 2014 eh may be the absolute best fixed I’ve ever played. Snag one if you can.

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all of this is correct.

i just ordered a an eh from yoyoexpert. can’t wait!

You are in for a treat ;D