Fixed axle yoyos

I have considered getting a fixed axle yoyo and don’t know what to look for. Any recommendations.

What are you looking for?
Like a fixed axle just for fun? in which case I would recommend a duncan butterfly or duncan imperial.

If you want a fixed axle thats for competing, I would wonder why you want one hahaha

Maybe for the fixed axles division some contests have.

Depends how you want to go.

The Duncan Imperial and Butterfly were the “bomb” back when I first got a yoyo. This was 1977, so back off on how old I am. Still valid and viable, these will work good, are cheap, rather durable and give relatively good spin times considering what they are.

If wood is your thing, the options are certainly growing. However, wood axles are somewhat specialized. Some are better for looping, other for stalls and others for string tricks. My recommendation without knowing the whole wood market is the TMBR Love Joy, which is easy to start with, good to play and friendly. A good all around wood is the EH, and I’m not saying that because of Ed’s year-long dedication to it. Clearly a lot of thought, time and effort was put into the design to come up with something that does it all and does it all pretty darn good. It’s not the absolute “best” at a single more niche thing, but it still lets you do it and do it very well. Plus, with modern design elements inside such as a take-apart design and user-changeable wooden axle inserts, it’s customizable, serviceable and keeps itself functioning.

Hard to beat a Butterfly to get your feet wet with.

thanks for the feedback, chris. glad you liked the eh.

it’s so funny that duncan butterfly is in the conversation. honestly, before drew made it look good, it was kind of a laughing stock (for all its success in toy stores with novices). personally, i still don’t like the feel and i’m not impressed by the construction or the variation you get from one to another. that said, they’re great stallers, and if you get a good one they can be super-fun.
i really like the new tmbr turner, but it hasn’t made its way to yoyoexpert yet. baldwin (link below) is also very consistent, particularly with a slightly shorter/sanded axle. the inlaid versions ($49) are really beautifully made, too. i really prefer the feel and weight of wood, so that’s typically what i go for. it’s harder to find a no jive these days, especially the higher quality ones from the 80’s/early90’s, but you can get lucky on ebay.

feel free to pm me if you have any other questions. i play a lot of fixed axle.
check out the megathread when you have a minute:,64468.0.html

Yep, I’ll agree with the Turner as one of the best all-around. The Baldwin isn’t my favorite TMBR, but it’s a solid player. Keep your eyes peeled for the Pocket Love made by OUT, these are some serious players.If you want to try fixed-axle in the $5 range, the Profly is a great player.

And as always, if you have questions PM ed, he knows what he’s talking about. ;D

It certainly takes some skill (like Drew or Kyle Nations have!) to make a Butterfly shine. But to get your feet wet, it’s a $5 no brainer! My skills aren’t improving for jack, but I do enjoy my EH. I can do about as much with the Butterfly as I can with the EH, mind you, but the EH is clearly higher quality when you huck it around.

Would like to get a Turner or an OUT sometime soon. I gave away a LoveJoy (ended up being a trade, actually!) that was a great player, too… I just knew the person who wanted it would get more love and joy out of it than I was. :wink:

I picked up a duncan butterfly at the grocery store for 3 bucks a couple of weeks ago. Pick one up and learn some basic stalls-see if it’s your thing; if you like it, spend a little more and buy a wooden yoyo Just For Fun :smiley:

I’ll also endorse the OUT Pocket Love whole-heartedly whenever it’s made available at yye. Also the Currier by Hildy. WAY more nice fixed woodies available than a few years ago (when your only option was a TK/BC).