What is the best beginner fixed axle yoyo?


This is where most people list their preferences, but I know nothing about fixed axle.


You’re really restricting what’s available by going fixed axle. Is your long term going into unresponsive play or do you want to just get into fixed axle play?

If you want to get into cheap looping, the Duncan Imperial is the way to go.

If you want to get into cheap fixed axle string tricks, then the Duncan Butterfly is your weapon of choice.

If you’re looking for wood, TMBR is the way to go. My favorite is the Love Joy, which has a wide catch zone. Each model caters to different aspects of play. The EH is the all-around yoyo, handling darn near everything. These feature modern take-apart design in a fixed axle wooden platform. YYE sells Type 10 100% cotton string, which I highly recommend for these. I have 5 different TMBRs including the EH. Each are very unique.

There’s a few other brands. I think Higgins Brothers and Forestry but I haven’t tried their stuff yet. I’ve heard good thing about Higgins and even played one but their solid design(non-take-apart) is a turn-off for me. Aside from that, I did like how it played but I couldn’t play it very well. I’m looking at Forest or whatever it is as another option.

But if you’re just talking beginner yoyo for beginning play, that’s a whole other set of options and price ranges. My recommendations are based on age(taking add-on small parts and simple user-friendly modifications into consideration) to adjustable gap yoyos, to yoyos complete with all parts for upgrades, with an emphasis on keeping the price below $20 whenever possible, leaving hopefully budget for strings. The concept of having a yoyo that will grow on you a bit and grow with you a bit, while at the same time being a decent yoyo with the features and performance that cater to nearly any player.


I think he meant he wants to start learning how to play that style. Not starting to yoyo.


I agree, but recently, I’ve learned that many people say one thing and mean something else. I figured cover both bases.




Duncan ProFly. The spin times are not the best; but it stalls well, it has a wood axle, and it’s $4.50.