What would be the best first wood?

I was hoping to get into fixed axle this year because my uncle with my uncle prefers to keep it original. I was curious as to what yoyo, under $20 would be the best for introduction to fixed axle. He wants it to be responsive and loopable. I want it to be able to do long string tricks and stalls. I think we are looking at 2 yoyos but I was curious what some fixed veterans have to say.

Well, your price point puts a big restriction on your choice. Of the newer wooden yo-yos, I have had the best luck with the Tom Kuhn Optic Star for looping and doing the classic tricks. You can also learn your stalls and stuff with it. Some of the other higher end wood yo-yos are really great and spin forever, but are not as easy to loop, and they are a little heavier in general. It’s going to be more than 20 dollars, but less than many of the other choices.

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Below $20 “responsive and loopable” I’d just get a Profly, “long string tricks and stalls” I’d go with a Butterfly. I don’t really know much about fixed axle other than 1. I suck at it, 2. all the popular throws I know of seem to be over $20. I’d either start with a really inexpensive classic or pony up some more cash and spend $24-34 on one of the fancy amazing looking wooden ones.

I’ll second the Profly as a good place to start. Not wooden, but an excellent fixed-axle throw. Proflys excel at stalls, are pretty good loopers and can handle shorter string tricks. It also unscrews for removal of persistent knots.

If you have to have a wooden throw I would look at the Tom Kuhn Wood Rocks or try to find a BC Apollo. Both excellent yoyos.

If you try these cheap options and find that fixed-axle is for you then look at some of the more expensive stuff. I highly recommend the TMBR Turner or anything made by OUT.

Though the wood models are priced higher old timers started out with Duncan imperial’s and butterfly’s. These are now plastic and have been for a while, but, the are inexpensive. To learn fixed axle and to get back into the game they are a great start.

Just as a note, I have a profly which I don’t really like.
I have been looking at the irving but I don’t know if it is good. I a also looking at the lovejoy for myself.

Thanks to your suggestions, I have narrowed it down to the Woord Rocks and the No-Jive. They are the same price beacause the No-Jives would be B-Grade. I would appreciate suggestions from Anyone with both.

For the same money I’d go with the no-jive (I’m assuming 3-in-1). It has a take apart design for problem knots. It also allows you to tune th e yoyo to your preferences.

The no-jive 3-1 is a great all around yo-yo. Being able to tune it is huge, also it is repairable.

Thank you for your sugeestions. I would like to get the 3in1 but I discovered that the store I was planning to use had 15$ shipping. I think I’m going to get the Wood Rocks unless someone can talk me out of it.

No need to talk you out of it. It rocks

a wood rocks was my first wooden yo whic i slammed on the sidewalk and the axle cracked and broke… i hit it really really really hard trying to get some extra spin out if it… other wise i would still have it…

I replaced it with a No-Jive 3in1 Optic star… i like the fact i can “tune” it to a certain degree.

Either one is a fine choice.

A no jive 3 in 1 is a timeless classic if you can find one. :slight_smile: