Wood anybody?

Just curious if anybody is still throwing wood? I have taken a break from making yoyos since last summer (teaching full time and being dad to a one year old takes a lot out of a person).
I haven’t read much about wood on the forums lately and I wasn’t sure if currently there isn’t much of a demand :-\


Personally I’ve been only doing 2a these last few months, but still going to fixie once in a while.

I still love my acorn, starting to get a feel for fixies

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

I have been throwing this BC a lot lately,

I am sure a lot of people who don’t chime in still throw wood everyday. The only real problem I see in Wooden Yo-Yo’s is that not enough company’s back it and the technology for what would be Wooden 1A is not up to spec.

Basically…, ONE OF THE COMPANY’S NEEDS TO MAKE A 55mmx44mm/65G (or so) C-SIZE BEARING YO-YO WITH BRAKE PADS…Then there might be more attention to it. And it IS possible, my theory is that it is possible to make an equal performing Yo-Yo out of all the basic materials of Titanium, Aluminum, Delrin/Plastic, or Wood, too.

Doesn’t have brake pads, but Jensen has made several wooden yoyos that have a large C bearing and silicone, they are really really good.

And I play fixed axle at least 50% of the time, and split the other time between responsive and unresponsive bearing yoyos.

One thing I like about my Moxon is that it’s different than my metal throws, fixed axle and all wood. Makes me approach things from another angle

For me, wood means fixed axle. If someone wants to put the effort into a modern wood bearing yoyo, then more power to them. But that’s not what I look for when I hold a wood yoyo in my hands.


Nope! It’s been awhile since I threw a wooden yoyo.

I don’t have any wood yoyo, hardly see anyone sell it anywhere near I live.

I enjoy wooden yoyos. I don’t use them tons however. They are so simplistic which I really enjoy when I’m stressed.
I feel that there is a demand for them, just not as much as unresponsive yoyos.

I use wood from time to time. Always looking for more

Your theory is incorrect.

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Well it would be nice to see some more Wood Yo-Yo’s with Bearings that I can do more than Kamikaze with.

You can do more than Kamikaze, with a fixed axle wooden yo-yo, it just might be different stuff.

Most yoers view wood as a different “animal”. However, I have thought it “wood” be cool to see someone push the envelope with an unresponsive wooden yoyo. I would love to try one of Jensen’s creations along those lines.

I’m sure I’ll own an OUT one day.

Yep, the point of wooden yoyo is generally to be played as fixies, not ‘trying to beat’ plastic or metal.
The way I see it, people are not interested mainly because they doesn’t seem to see the difficulty associated to it, appealing.
Also, for most people, at least from around here, spending $5 upwards for a wooden yoyo that doesn’t have a bearing is still an outrageous idea. Mind you most of us grow up having experience with sub $1 wooden yoyo that screams ‘please kill me’. This doesn’t help with the image at all.

Still throw wood every day.
Yoyoing at its purest.


That may be true of most people that post on this forum, but I would argue that it is not true of most people.
There is a reason that ‘most people’ ask you to walk the dog if they see you yo-yoing in public. For many Americans anyway the yo-yo is synonymous with Duncan, fixed axles, and walking the dog (and rocking the baby for the real thrill seekers).
I’d even go as far as to say most people would not pay $5 for any yo-yo, but back when most kids actually had a yo-yo, like in the early 60s, they were wood fixed axle, and later the plastic and steel axles that folks dread so much today. So there is a lot of love for wood yo-yos out there.

I try to throw a wood fixed axle each day. I find it somewhat meditative to be throwing something that is on the surface simple, but, will allow you to do all sorts of crazy things with it. I’ve only been throwing fixed axle about 7 months, but, I can see how fixed axle suits my play style and how it influences the way I play with bearing yoyos. Maybe I’m in the minority, but, I don’t see fixed axle or even wood with a bearing as competition against other materials any more than I see 6061 as competiton against Ti or 7075 or POM. Also, fixed axle is complimentary to bearing play, just like 1A is complimentary to 2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A.

So, back to the original question: there is a subset of yoyo players who still play wooden yoyos. Please keep making yoyos, but, don’t do it at a sacrifice to spending time with your family. The young ones are only young once, and that time goes by very quickly.



I keep a no jive at work and throw it when I’m on hold :slight_smile: very relaxing. Been throwing no jives and silver bullets for over 25 years. Only been playing with non-responsive for a couple months.

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