Looking for a good, cheap unscrewable wooden yoyo. Any suggestions?

What the title says.


You could watch the BST for most any BC/What’s Next yoyo, or the Tom Kuhn Maple Leaf No-Jive (not the same as a 3-in-1 No-Jive. I have no experience with the current generation wood.

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I think the YYF legend wing fits the bill. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the wood Duncan Butterfly. In my opinion, it plays better than the plastic butterfly.

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It’s unscrewable?

Based on your previous posts you seem like you have some very nice 1A yoyos. I would recommend buying a nice wood yoyo, even if you have to sell something. TMBRs are awesome, the Baldwin being my favorite, but the price of the 2016 version is pretty high. OUTs are awesome too and they have the advantage of NOT being take-apart (it’s overrated!); the Just For Fun is just plain fantastic.

I don’t mean to tell you what to do other than to reconsider buying a nice one. I don’t know of any cheap, nice, and unscrewable wood yoyos. What are your goals? To learn fixed axle tricks? What kinds of tricks?

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Yes, completely forgot about that one.

Yes it is. (Meaning it doesn’t come apart)

Thanks! But what is the advantage of not being able to unscrew a yoyo?

mainly that you don’t loose parts or otherwise mess it up.

Thanks everyone.

Another question, am I going to burn through strings at a rate something like one for every 5 minutes of play time? If so, I might pass on fixed axle play.

I have been playing OUT Just For Fun this past few weeks and it really is fun. I change my cotton strings as frequent as changing poly strings in 1A yoyos. Though I am just a beginner for fixed axle play and still experimenting with adjusting the tension and effective sleep times.

I read on another site that the Legend wing is not unscrewable…

My goal is to buy a wooden yoyo that I can do advanced tricks with (eg rancid milk and superman etc).

I need a yoyo that isn’t impossible to do those tricks on, even though it will be very hard.

Heavier will get you longer spin times. Sullivan or a heavy JFF would make sense for string tricks. You could go crazy and get a Free Spirit! The walls are high, so you’d have to keep things lined up as you play.

I doubt you will burn strings very often. I’ve never done it, but I like uniquely responsive tricks like shoot the moons and stalls rather than long 1A combos. It’s more fun!

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Thanks for the suggestions!

I’m eying off a laminated Tom Kuhn Lightning. It seems fairly heavy, but is the imperial shape any good for advanced fixed axle play?

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Get an a-rt peon or squib their wood and can do all the tricks you want but still take a bit of finesse to stay on plane

Probably semantics. By saying it is unscrewable I interpret that to mean it cannot by unscrewed. or taken apart.

As far as string wear, you should be ok with most any type including cotton for string tricks. If you plan on looping cotton will wear quickly.

You’ll want a butterfly shape for what you described earlier. Better for stability and hitting the string.

^ JFF is a great choice! Does not come apart but it isn’t necessary for standard fixed axel. Maybe choose something that has an interchangeable axel if you want to do long string tricks with it so that way if you burn it or whatever you can replace it.

One note about string wear. I believe going for advanced 1a tricks will wear out your string more quickly than your typical wear on a poly string, or when doing stalls and STMs. You should still get a good bit of play out of each string, but a critical difference is that it will wear out were it loops around the axle, and if you’re not mindful, you’ll end up with a high-speed-spinning projectile!

It’s important to periodically check the wear next to the axle. I give a strong pull on the string once it looks like it’s wearing a bit, and if it holds, keep playing. Every string I use on fixed axle, I change because it breaks when I pull. Since you’d be playing with hard throws, you may even want to just change it when it looks like it’s starting to fray around the axle.

Remember, bulk cotton string is cheap.

My bad, for whatever reason, my old brain decided “unscrewable” meant “unable to be unscrewed”. Please disregard my recommendations as neither of the yoyos I mentioned are take apart.