Fixed axle.

What would be a good fixed axle yoyo to start on?

The Duncan Butterfly is a classic, alot of peoples (including myself) first yoyo. It can take a beating as well.  Look up Drew Tetz to see the capabilities.

I also enjoy my TMBR Irving.  Fifteen beans and it’s awesome. 

I’ve heard so many good things about the No Jive.  Plan on getting one very soon.

Have fun with whatever you get!  ;D

15 bucks! Dang thats a good price maybe I’ll get one.

The TMBR Baldwin is a great H shape wooden fixed axle and it’s take-apart, at a little higher price. My OUT Cheap thrills is also a great throw, but it’s not take apart so carry a paper clip to pull knots if you go for one of those.

You can even start out on a duncan butterfly, you can find them at stores sometimes for $5 or less.