Good fixed axle and some other questions.

What is a good fixed axle yoyo that is no too expensive and dont know much about fixed axle yoyos and wooden yoyos so can you tell some important information on fixed axle yoyos and wooden yoyos.

There’s a tmbr available through the store here that is like $15, though I don’t know much about it. As far as fixed axles I’ve tried, the YYF Legend is a fun little fixed axle looper that only costs $10.

And since I popped my Clean Machine No Jive by Tom Kuhn out of its shipping box, I’ve hardly played a single ball bearing yoyo.

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I’ve been playing with the TMBR Baldwin recently and it’s excellent - I don’t play a lot of fixed axle but I was surprised at how much they’ve improved.

I own the 15$ TMBR SkinnyBNY’s talking about. It’s really nice, although it’ll break on you with a lot of play since you can take it apart or replace the axle. I’d go with the No-Jives YYE just stocked up on (Butterfly shaped).

It’ll last you a lifetime, since even if you manage to break a part you can replace it, and the wooden halves themselves are extremely durable.


I’m glad someone was able to weigh in on the $15 TMBR. I will note that I need to stay away from picking that one up from the shop. I love my clean machine no jive by Tom Kuhn because it just plays so wonderfully I do believe I’ll be picking up A few more of these whenever I’ve got the cash. I’m also looking at getting some other Tom Kuhn throws, because I find the quality of their wooden yo-yos to be exceptional.

I landed a man on the trapeze and his brother slack today on my clean machine, to give you an idea.


And just to clarify, the Irving (15$ TMBR) IS high quality, I’m just saying that it can’t be taken apart.

Didn’t intend on meaning it was low quality, from what I’ve heard TMBR makes great yoyos. I guess now that I think of it, no matter what kind of wood it’s made from, a fixed axle will wear down and break eventually if enough is thrown at it.

Another question is that as you can see there are lots of regenerations,stalls and etc. Would a butterfly shape be better or an imperial shape.

Butterfly for sure. It can do loops and regens just about as well anyways.

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I’ve always found a butterfly shape to be very difficult to loop well.
Maybe it’s just me…

It’s not too tricky.

Yes, it can be done but part of the deal with looping is the flip of the yoyo. The butterfly shape resists the flip action, which I find makes it harder to do. If it doesn’t flip, it comes back faster and harder which throws the timing off. What makes it difficult for me is not knowing if it’s going to flip or not adding an uncertainty to the timing.

Any of the TMBR or OUT wood yoyos are great. Really can’t go wrong, but also not the cheapest things. I absolutely adore my treehugger, for instance. If you really want inexpensive, the profly is a great fixed axle. You get a plastic body, a fairly nice butterfly shape, take apart, and a wood axle. Sturdy, plays nice, and under 6 bucks. Really hard to beat at that price.

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