What fixed axle yoyo?

So I watched the new fixed axle video featuring Ed Haponik on Yoyoskills the other day, and it looked pretty cool. I decided I wanted to try that sort of stuff, and looked at mutiple yoyos, but couldn’t get any real info on them. So I was wondering, what is a good fixed axle yoyo to get?

if your going to get a fixed axle yoyo, then your probably going to want to get a tmbr wooden yoyo.

they are a little bit your expensive, but from what i’ve heard and seen, they are worth the extra cash.

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I recommend TMBR Irving, I have it for 4 days and it is just so great :slight_smile:

What is fixed axle

it is a yoyo that has no bearing or transaxel, just the wooden or metal rod than the string spins around

Get your hands on a no jive!! I have one that I’ve been using since I was around 6 years old, and is probably older than that.

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I would really like to try a tmbr! However, my favorite all time fixed axle is the hummingbird. I’ve owned many of them and you can often find them on ebay cheap, $5 or less. It often costs more for the shipping than the yo. (Smother Brothers yoyos were hummingbirds)

Important: Remember to use cotton string and not poly with fixed axles. Poly will melt in a heart beat!

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Yep scour the “previously owned” sections of the forums and ebay for a Tom Kuhn (TK), BC What’s Next (BC) or Hummingbird fixed axle yoyo. Best there is.