Wooden fixed axle recommendation

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a wooden fixed axle yo-yo. It should be reasonable for some string trick action and if it’s pretty that’s cool, too (I like the design/tree on the pocket love or the just for fun). My collection is growing and it doesn’t hurt to have some nice ones on display I guess.

I know nothing about fixed axle play and wooden yo-yo’s though I have played responsive back in the old days. Everyone seems to love the TMBR lovejoy but that’s out of stock everywhere.

Any recommendations? Any tips what to look for?

Thanks a lot!

Too bad I’m recommending the Love Joy as well.

Another option would be the Eh, but that’s probably sold out too. Excuse the pun, but it’s the most well rounded “jack of all trades” wood yoyo out there in my opinion. If you honestly had to go with a single fixed axle yoyo for a year, this is the one you want.

I’m not really skilled enough to really play fixed wooden axle. I have 5 or 6 wooden fixed axle yoyos.

I would grab a Pocket Love or JFF personally.

TMBR Turner is my personal favorite.