Wooden Fixed Axle


what wooden fixed axle yoyo should I get.

i want to get into fixed axle play.

Im looking into grabing a Spyy Eh, Tmbr irving Premium, Tmbr Freemont.

Help me pick something out.

Honestly, if someone here actually makes wooden yoyos, PM me.

(Waylon) #2

Any one of those you listed would be great. No joke. Love my Fremont.


The one I think I have my eyes set on is the Woodchucks Cavity.

That thing looks so fun and i like the shape.



I haven’t tried any of the Woodchucks yoyos yet, but they have also caught my eye. Get it, and tell us what it’s like ;).

(Waylon) #5

Someone in the Wood Is Good thread had less than good things to say about those.


Had to go back and look, (search function finally found what I wanted :).)

One person had good things to say, one had less than good. They did both agree that they weren’t very well finished.


I’m going to research it and decide for myself.

I can always smooth it out with nice sandpaper myself.

I’ll tell you guys what I decided on when I get it


Just get a TMBR, finished nice, plays nice.

I have them all. Tell me what you like, and I’ll tell you what you’ll like.