What do you look for in a wooden fixed axle yoyo?

Just enquiring about what you fixed axle throwers out thwre are looking for in a wooden yoyo.

I’ve been making some lately, but with little interest, so perhaps I can adjust the ones I’m making to better suit people’s preferences.

Proof that it was made by Tom Kuhn / Brad Countryman ;D


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I don’t think there is anything wrong with your designs, they look great. I’m sure they play great also.

However, I think most fixed axle players already have their players in line. Out of the 40-50 fixed axles I own, 4-5 get serious play and it’s been that way for quite a while. So you may just be marketing to a bunch of players that already have what they’re looking for, and they’re not buying now.

Maybe look for a design that’s not on the market. Different shapes, sizes, materials. Something to really set you a part, if you want to have a go at really producing fixed axles and selling them on a regular basis. I’ve said this before in threads with new companies, really need to ask yourself why should someone buy your yoyo over the other great ones that are on the market? Which I think you’re taking a step further and just asking the players, which is great :slight_smile:

I’m just getting into playing fixed, but I think the great thing about fixed wooden yoyos is they are simplicity itself, so it’s functionally hard to innovate something that is supposed to be simple by design. However, I’d buy a wooden yoyo just cause I like how it looks or offered a premium experience of some kind. If it had some amazing scrollwork, marquetry, semi-precious inlays, if it came in a shop-made box made out of the same wood, etc. Maybe you could expand your target audience beyond just yoyoers and market to appreciators of fine woodwork or even jewelry.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that you’ll never purchase one of mine.

I would have thought I was offering plenty: exotic woods, nice shape, good performance for the price of $20 (the price is $32 on my BST to accommodate shipping). I had hoped all this at that price point would have been attractive to people.

You’re right though, most people already own a lot of yoyos and probably don’t see any reason to buy another. I understand that. Why buy more if you have your 4 or 5 regulars that do the trick?

The next thing I will try is offering more Australian woods like blackbean and red gum. Perhaps some different woods not usually offered could be attractive. I’ll also try to get more creative with shapes.

But, if people still aren’t really interested after a while, Ill be happy just making some for my myself and some giveaways for those around me.

Oh no! I thought the K in Glenacius K stood for Kuhn :joy:

Oh well, when mine arrives everyone can be jealous of this American playing his Australian yoyo :+1:

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Thanks French. I really hope you like it! :slight_smile:

You need to let me know what you think of it when it arrives.

I’m sorry…I edited my post for you

I get the feeling you’re being sarcastic, but maybe I’m wrong.

I prefer the old school, traditional, classic yoyo designs/shapes epitomized by Tom Kuhn, BC and Kalmar Trissan. For material I prefer maple.

Yeah, you’re wrong. But if you are that easily offended by peoples answers, you might not want to post questions on web forums! :wink:

Great! Looks like we’re good to if you like them “GLENACIUSLY MADE”

You can have either a zebrano purple heart model.

PM me for my paypal and send me your address.


I’ve got a few plans in the works for fixed axles. And this is actually what I’m planning. I’ll be making no more than 10 of the 3-4 models I’ve come up with, and out of those 10, some will be given away to friends, a couple for myself and it’ll leave maybe 5 of each that’ll be sold.

So you would like a butterfly shape?

I’m currently making some butterfly shaped ones out of merbau.

I also made another angular version of a No-Jive shape I’m calling the 'Robot Butt (maybe haha).

I think the boutique/players’ wooden yo-yo market is pretty easily saturated. Players tend to be purists and prefer shapes and models they’ve known for years, and the number of makers to players per capita is really high. It’s just a tough niche to break into, unless you really like doing it and don’t need to make more on your yo-yo’s than they cost to produce. Literally a labor of love (as is throwing them, more often than not).

Personally, I don’t really look for anything in particular. A good confluence of gap/response, material, craftsmanship, and above all, the attitude of the person making it. If I feel a connection with what they’re doing and where they’re coming from, I’ll usually enjoy throwing their stuff.

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My Glenaciusly made fixed axle arrived today. Ran through my benchmark tricks with no issue. I will play it a bit then try to compare with some of my other fixed axle yoyos

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I have a few nice wood throws but more often than not the Wing Basecamp $10 wooden yoyo is in my hands. Tough to compete with the value per dollar it offers. I also love the YYF Legend loopers.