Can I produce wood thread axles? Should I?

I’m considering the idea of producing wood thread axles for my yoyos.

Now, I can make them, but the question is, is it desirable for throwers and are there any patents preventing me from doing so?

I’m leaning towards it not being a good idea because I feel that it’s TMBR’s thing and I respect that. Also, my experiences haven’t been completely positive with them, although they mostly have been.

Just a thought at the moment, nothing more.

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I would prefer you keep them fixed (you probably didn’t need me to tell you that, I know). To me, a fixed wooden axle is not a negative.

The Harbinger will remain a fixed in axle, I won’t make any changes to that model.

I prefer fixed in axles too, Collin. I’m mostly considering them for the weight they can remove by using less dense wood for the axle and aesthetics.

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Myself, I don’t think I would, just because that is (and has been) Colin’s thing. BUT, you could always reach out to Colin and talk to him about it. I don’t think he has a patent on it, but I think a lot of things like that are just respect (like you’ve already mentioned).

If you could find a different way to do it that Colin isn’t then that may be an option, but again, I’d probably reach out to Colin just not to step on toes.

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I really just want to produce the best fixed axles around. If I can do that without having designs that can be unscrewed, them I’m happy.

I just get the feeling that people are a bit scared of yoyos that can’t be unscrewed. There really is no need to be, I think. I have had very few problems with fixed yoyos.


Yeah @Glenacius_K I’d say you’re probably right about people being hesitant. But also right about it not being a big deal. I can sympathize with the fact that it can be a little intimidating if all you’ve ever owned is threaded yo-yos, but it’s no biggie to have a permanent axle.


First off i definitely think you have to the skill to make them. The pictures you have posted of your work all look intredible. Such fine craftsmanship. Your ability to work with so many types of materials is impressive. I still want to buy one of your unresponsive throws someday when im not so broke.
Threaded axles look pretty cool but i dont think i would ever unscrew them if i had one.


I prefer the fixed axle as long as the gap is well set. Your Harbinger is first rate in my opinion. I have a TMBR with threaded axle and it can come loose at the worst times.

Have you considered experimenting with different wood shapes? High or low wall, larger diameter etc.


Thanks a lot, John!

I agree with fixed as long as the gap is just right. I simply can’t stand a slippy gap. Slippy gaps just have an awful throw and return and regen poorly. I aim always to make fixed axle yoyos that first and foremostly have good reliable response and regen capability.

I consider the Harbinger to be exactly as I want it and at the moment, it is my only locked-in model that I make. I couldn’t be happier with it.

I have another model called the Scorcher (name subject to change) and have made numerous prototypes of it. I have at least 30 different Scorchers of slightly varying shapes lying around at my house, but I just cant seem to be satisfied with any just yet. The idea of the Scorcher is a low wall, more rounded wing shape great for general fixed axle play but also easier to perform long string tricks on.

I’m getting close to honing in on a shape for it, but I absolutely refuse to release anything that I don’t feel is perfect.

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