Looking for Wood fixed axle yoyos. Will listen to recommendations

OK, I’m not exactly hopping on the “wood is good” bandwagon, but I’m not going to argue that wood is good. I am also not really ready for the challenge, but I’m taking a trip soon and in case I get bored, I’ll need something to just frustrate the heck out of me.

I missed out at CalStates as whatever was available sold out before I got a shot to get anything!

As you can tell, I’m looking for a wood yoyo. The only one that appears to be what I should get is the TIMBR Pro, which I’m fine with.

Here’s my requirements:
Take apart design.
Replaceable axle/sleeve
Designed to be able to handle string-trick type play, as I know I can loop with it too. This means a wider/more wing shaped profile.
Should also be relatively attractive.

Here’s my other rules:
Needs to be readily available. Time is NOT on my side. I head out on the 27th, and my cut-off for delivery is the 25th, but I’ll order fast. I am planning to get a YYE Barracuda in a day or so, so this will be in that order if I get it from here.

If not from YYE, please mention the make and model here, but PM me the store to get it from if you don’t mind. Price is an object and I’d like to keep it reasonable Under $40 seems right.

I also have cotton string already, so I’m good there.

I don’t think your going to find any wooden throws that are take apart other than TMBR.

Just pick up a Pro. Something from them. It’s going to be good!

I would recommend the TMBR Lovejoy. For me this has been the ultimate string trick fixed-axle. It should meet all of your requirements. That is if you think plain wood is attractive.

The Irving Pro has a very…unique shape, isn’t really my first choice, and I own them all.

Here’s the Irving Pro and Lovejoy side-by-side.

That LoveJoy is more my style. However, I like the look of the Pro…

Price isn’t a factor since we’re all talking about under-$40 yoyos. The LoveJoy is cheaper than the Pro, but the shape kinda speaks to me more. I’m completely ignoring the price.

I’m gonna let a few more people chime in on this. I am leaning LoveJoy now. Thanks for the information.

The no jive 3 in 1 is good

You didn’t read my “specs” for guiding suggestions.

The 3-in-1 is great and all. However, it’s modified shape and I am looking for something more wing-shaped, and it’s also not readily available.

I’ll consider that for another purchase at some other time though. It’s been something I’ve been considering.

I’m going to second the Lovejoy. At least for me, its that wood yoyo that just works. Its comfortable and I can actually get it to cooperate with me from time to time.I also own a Eh, but I get better play out of the Lovejoy.

Thanks for the second on the LoveJoy.

I have to wait regarding 2 yoyos. I am debating getting an Model 10, but a couple of other items popped up that have me interested in as well, and the Model 10 isn’t one of my favorite shapes. I have to see how those other things pan out.

Right now I may get the LoveJoy and the Pro, but I’m leaning more towards the Lovejoy. I’ll get to play a fixed axle this weekend.

I would also recommend the LoveJoy. Although I don’t own the Pro, the catch zone looks like it was just taken off of a Baldwin and put in between two wooden discs. Personally, I don’t like the Baldwin’s catch so the pro would be less than ideal for myself.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

I have a LoveJoy and a Baldwin, and I slightly prefer the Baldwin overall, though I do like the gradual transition to the response in the LoveJoy better than the little semi-lippy thing of the Baldwin.

The Baldwin’s smaller diameter while maintaining a generous enough catch zone makes it more comfortable to play overall. Plus that walnut strip looks sharp. :wink:

That said, if someone came in and said “No more Baldwin for you!” and took it, I would just shrug and keep playing on the LoveJoy. They’re both great yoyos.

OK, still have the LoveJoy in the lead, but am considering the Baldwin in the mix now too. I wish there were more specs. I’d prefer something in the full sized range.

I have at least decided I only want to purchase one for now. I really do like the strip in the Baldwin and Pro, but the shape in the Lovejoy I like. The raised response area in the Pro kinda, well, I don’t care for the appearance.

I bought TTYO LoveJoy for the Gift exchange and I tried it out before I sent it and it was great!

I was at a YoLex meet today. I got to play an Irving Pro and a Fremont. I can say that for now, I dislike the Fremont, but I can easily see me liking this in the future when I improve. The Irving Pro looks a TON nicer in the hand than in the YYE pictures. I can say I won’t be buying a Fremont for a while, that’s all I can for sure rule out in this round.

That and the Irving, which isn’t a take-apart item.

I’m so confused, and I’m running short on time. However, every little bit of information and experience helps. There is NOT the funds for 3 wood throws.

I will do more reading and more contemplating. All your answers have been helpful in some way!

LoveJoy or Baldwin. That’s what you want, trust me. :wink: And since you’ve been leaning toward LoveJoy a bit… LoveJoy! Done. :wink:

I don’t suppose you want me to send you a link to the Hildy Bros. Currier, do you?

Please do!!

Right now, it’s looking like a LoveJoy and a Baldwin at the moment. I see an Irving Pro in the near future, and a Fremont in 6 months.

Update and done for now:

So, as I said, I have played a Fremont and an Irving Pro.

I have purchased a Love Joy and a Baldwin from YYE and it’s on my way right now, along with 2 metal yoyos and a plastic yoyo, and the TMBR Axle kit.

I think an Irving Pro and Fremont are in my future though. I’d like to get an EH when they become available.

I think you’ll be happy. And…Wood is Good

My bad:

I forgot to thank everyone for all their input. It was very helpful. While in the end, I will end up getting more, I think for starting out, I feel I’ve made the best choices for now.