Show some wooden yoyos you've made


Post some pics and give some info about a wooden yoyo you’ve made. I’d be keen to see what you guys have made for yourselves!


A lot of your posts lately have been about fixed-axles, looks like someone else got bit by the bug ;D

I’ll try to post some pictures later when I have decent quality shots.


Yes indeed! Probably 90% of my posts have been about fixed axles because that’s almost all I throw now.

Once I started throwing fixed axle, I just couldn’t stop!


Good man! Similar story with me. I still play my modern yoyos, but, something about fixed axle is relaxing, meditative, and fun. I think this is part of what is appealing to me about the world of yoyo, there really is something for everyone.


From left to right are walnut, poplar, and oak
Walnut: very nice balance between the other two, light and easy to move and stall with, as well as some looping tricks.
Poplar: light and really fun to play with, better for looping/shoot-the-moon kinda stuff but I like it for normal play too.
Oak: pretty heavy, can be used for basic responsive play and picture tricks, sleeps pretty well but can do stalls and stuff too.
All three are really great for regens and similar tricks




I like them! Thanks for sharing.


I made this one recently.

It’s made of Tasmanian oak.

Diameter: 63mm
Width: 27mm
Gap width: 2.75
Weight: 48g.

Its a smooth player and performs well.


Both posts are impressive. I really wish was able to concentrate enough and was able to get out to my shop and try my hand at it. But even at my age I can still throw and that is good enough for me.


The one with a penny in the side I made in my garage and the other two were made when I was in high school on the school’s wood lathe. The top two are made of maple. The darker wood is buninga. The one with a penny is just some random wood that was laying around after my family tore down an old building.


I hope you received a good grade.


I think I did… I never really payed attention to my grade in that class. I just tried my best to make something I found interesting. I never really knew much about woodworking and such before then, so it was a great learning experience! :slight_smile:

P.S. The two from school are unresponsive and the other one is a fixed axel.


I have no idea what the specs are. It’s maple with a 1/4 inch oak dowel. Plays great. It was my first real attempt at making one and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. Plus I had a lot of fun making it with my grandpa.


That’s the bestest part!




That is cool…did you cut the halves out or did you turn them?


Thanks :blush::+1:. Cut to a rough shape with a band saw and then turned with a wood lathe.





Lookin good! Is that purpleheart?