Beginners Journey

So the kids ended up putting together a 2-minute “Demonstration”. All the Level 1 tricks they know.

Unfortunately, they did not make it past Auditions. I was proud that they tried.

No real progress lately. Had some downtime in the Hospital with emergency surgery. Appendicitis is not fun and I do not recommend it to anyone.

I have acquired a few throws lately;

Throw Back Skills - Origen - I am impressed with this yoyo. The internals from the Red Blood Cell work as designed. This would be a Great Beginner Yoyo for those interested in a Metal Modern Responsive. It’s price point is just too good to pass up. Playability vs. Value is up there.

ZGRT - Polycarbonate El Mijo - Great Plastic Yoyo. I am currently playing it with the Slim Bearing in Modern Resoponsive. But having the ability to go fixed axel or wide-bearing is awesome. This is currently my EDC yoyo that lives in a @RC_yo-yo Leather Holster on my hip.

Spinworthy - Over the past several months (Since Fixed Axel February) every time Mr. Glen posted a yoyo he made in the Show some wooden yoyos you Made thread, he would promptly receive a message from me requesting to be put on the list. All of these are amazing and worth the wait.

Here are the yoyos I received from Mr. Glen.

Mainly Playing Modern Responsive now, with a little fixed axel thrown in. Havent touched my unresponsives in a while. I may pull them back out as time allows.

Have Fun.