Beginners Journey

I described above how I broke mine… This is definitely a handle-with-care item for me now.

I am on a couple of Mr. Glen’s lists. Can’t wait to try his too.

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Mini Update on the Kids;

Yesterday when I got home from work the kids were excited.

“There is a Talent Show at school, we want to Yoyo.”

They picked up their Yoyos and started throwing again. “Daddy, for this trick, do I push my finger into the string, or pull on it?” We had a fun throw session last night.

The current deal on the table is that if they get through the Level 1 Trick List, they earn their Metal Yoyos. This was modified last night to; If you put together a 2 Minute routine, I will give them their Metal Yoyos for the Show.

Now, this won’t be like what we know as competition, just them throwing their basic tricks.

This is a new area for me. Going to maybe work on finding some music for them to “Show” with.

Any tips or recommendations would greatly be appreciated. We have about 1 month before the “Try Outs”.

Have Fun


Good outfits and a good song choice will go a long way in a kids talent show routine…something overly dramatic or unexpected is always funny. Good luck and have fun!

Don’t take this seriously but it makes me chuckle to think about… play rage against the machines calm like a bomb for the routine. i’d be cracking up!

So the kids ended up putting together a 2-minute “Demonstration”. All the Level 1 tricks they know.

Unfortunately, they did not make it past Auditions. I was proud that they tried.

No real progress lately. Had some downtime in the Hospital with emergency surgery. Appendicitis is not fun and I do not recommend it to anyone.

I have acquired a few throws lately;

Throw Back Skills - Origen - I am impressed with this yoyo. The internals from the Red Blood Cell work as designed. This would be a Great Beginner Yoyo for those interested in a Metal Modern Responsive. It’s price point is just too good to pass up. Playability vs. Value is up there.

ZGRT - Polycarbonate El Mijo - Great Plastic Yoyo. I am currently playing it with the Slim Bearing in Modern Resoponsive. But having the ability to go fixed axel or wide-bearing is awesome. This is currently my EDC yoyo that lives in a @RC_yo-yo Leather Holster on my hip.

Spinworthy - Over the past several months (Since Fixed Axel February) every time Mr. Glen posted a yoyo he made in the Show some wooden yoyos you Made thread, he would promptly receive a message from me requesting to be put on the list. All of these are amazing and worth the wait.

Here are the yoyos I received from Mr. Glen.

Mainly Playing Modern Responsive now, with a little fixed axel thrown in. Havent touched my unresponsives in a while. I may pull them back out as time allows.

Have Fun.


What does the survivalist play like? I’d love a spinworthy I can take with me anywhere, I kind of baby my button cause I love it so much haha

Ms. Rachel,

I will do my best to describe it. My first real experience “playing” fixed started in February. (Stories in posts above).

The Survivalist is equipped with a metal axel. So the spin and feel at the end of the string has a similar feeling to what you would experience playing with a Duncan Buterfly. There is a notable feel difference between wood axels and metal axels.

Along the Metal axel line, my other experiences were the Deeper State and the Albrije, both with bearing blanks. I feel the smaller diameter Axel of the Survivalist feels and plays better/differently than the Bearing Blanks.

It does feel solid, because it is. Weight is good in my opinion.

With the recent tweaks Mr. Glen made (I have no experience with previous models) it is comfortable in the hand/ on the catch. Poly or Poly/Nylon string works great. I am currently using a medium weight poly/nylon string.

I find the responce system perfect. I have noticed, I am not adjusting the string torsion as much on this as I do with the woods I play.

I really enjoy this yoyo. I am not affraid to put it in my pocket during the day. (See the Gnomad story above).

When I want to play fixed and not wood, this is my go to.

Hope I supplied you with enough information.

Have fun.


Yeah, I’m going to need to get one now haha Thank you!


WARNING! Severe case of Yoyo Acquisition Disorder!

This last month I have been playing Modern Responsive Mostly. This is my happy Place.

I did mess around with Unresponsive this past month, mostly Front style because I can bind this way. Breakaway Binding is still elusive for me. I still cant quite get the transition from Trapeeze to the underside mount. But persistence will pay off eventually.

Hi! My name is Cody and I apparently have a problem. Guess I am not ready to fully admit it… there are still a few yoyos I am keeping an eye out for.

This is the current “Active” Roster. Left to Right, Top to Bottom;

2011 YYF DV888
YYJ Hitman
YYJ Lynn Fury
Godhesh Petri
SWxMK1 Reb Blood Cell
Throwback Origin
Spinworthy Harbinger
MK1 Dynames
YYF Mighty Flea
Recess Snack
Throwback Arcade
ZGRT Albrije
Custom Products AXL Elite
YYF Legendary 888
Recess Quiz
MFD Backstage Pass
SWxMK1 Red Blood Cell
Duncan AL Butterfly
Duncan AL Freehand Zero
Zipline/Doc Pop Daytripper
Duncan Cold Fusion GT
OD Deeper State
Markmont Black Cannon
MK1 Sliver
Custom Products AXL
Layer Infinity Kasm
YYF Grind Machine
YYF/CLYW Moonshine 2
YYF/CLYW Moonshine
RCS Gamer Lite
ZGRT Janus
Duncan Bumble Bee
OD Deep State
OD Deeper State
Toybana/Doc Pop The Thing
Wildwood Gnomad
Doc Pop Weekender
YYF Confusion 2022
YYF Confusion GT
YYF Replay Pro.

Not in the Picture;
ZGRT El Mijo Polycarbonate
Spinworthy collection (previous post)
ZGRT Knuckle yoyo

Now that i took the time to type all these out… I may have a problem… Still not admitting it.

Plans for this month; Same as everymonth, try and throw Daily. Going to make a effort to work Unresponsive at least one day a week. Fridays are always Fixed Axel.

With school coming to a close, most sports done, I have been encouraging String Time again.

They each just received a new yoyo. Picked up 2 plastic Grind Machines during the A-May-zing sale.

My son was super excited “It’s a yoyo and a fidget spinner!”

Were Hubstack yoyos the “Original” Fidget Spinners?

Have fun


Celebrating Father’s Day today. My wife is a genius, today is my day, tomorrow we celebrate with our fathers.

Super special gift. Playing Fixed Axel Today. Basicaly throwing a super simple 2A style.

Have fun!


I love this thread so so much! I have a 2 much younger kids and I really hope I can get them into yoyo when they are old enough. My daughter (3) likes to drag them around and pretend they are doggies. Haha. Bout as far as we’ve got though. I really enjoy reading about your journey. I hope you keep posting to this thread.


My daughter does the same. She treats the yoyo like it’s her dog. I got them both Duncan first yoyos cause my son likes to fling them around and hit things. Also when I made them wood yo-yos the first day they tossed them in the pool. Glued Wood doesn’t like pool water apparently.


I am glad you are enjoying our Journey. I have a gaol to post monthly (It IS time for a update). Or when something fun happens.

It is fun living theough our kids. Especially when their interests cross ours.

New update should be up this week.


I noticed you mention this tread on the “Introduce Yourself” thread the other day so when I saw it pop up I had to give it a read. Very nice journey and so glad your kids are so involved. It’s nice to see that your journey timeline is similar to mine. It’s funny when you talk to people you assume they’re all so far ahead of you. At least you had the guts to post a video!!:rofl::rofl:
My youngest is 17 oldest is 27 and all 3 of mine have yo-yos. Even gave the son-in-law one. It started with my yo-yo that I kept from the late 90s the Stinger.
They all loved sneaking and playing with it growing up and so I found them each one that they cherish and got them a few others they’ve enjoyed. My son learns the most but he’s super reserved and shy so I’ll probably never know how much he really knows. My wife has found Kendama more enjoyable. This journey for me started somewhere around the end of 22’ or beginning of ‘23. Thinking more like January. Anyways. Thanks for sharing your journey. :grin:


June was a busy Month! School Ending for the kids, mini family vacation.

We ended up going to Mission Bay in San Diego for 4 days. A close friend brought his boat and we had a lot of fun fishing in Mission Bay. For the Trip, I took my YYF Grind Machine. This has been on my hip this month wherever I go.

Would do a drift of fishing, and throw a little during repositioning. Was fun having some fishing discussions with Mr. Charlie (@GnarlyCharlie ) about fishing for Spotted Bay Bass during the trip too.

We made a spontaneous trip to Sea World. The Grind Machine made it through the Metal Detectors. I had intended on throwing a little bit in the park, but it was too busy.

Part of this past month has been playing with making yoyo’s responsive. Mr. Steve (@Slestak75 ) started this thread. This is a great resource for those that want to jump down a rabbit hole. Links to where to get items are there. Part of this past month was waiting for most of these parts to arrive.

I received; Stainless Steel Axels, Shims, Half Spec Bearings, D-size bearing blanks, 3mm wide D Bearings, Clear Silicone, and Ultra Grey Silicone.

Hybrid Fluvia Half Spec - (2) .010 Shims and a Half Spec C Bearing. This has been a really fun throw. It has replaced my Arrow and Sage for 1A Practice.

Recess Snack Half Spec - (2) .010 Shims and a Half Spec C Bearing. This is a really fun undersize throw.

I enjoyed the tinkering and will find others to mess around with.

Had an Awesome pickup on the BST. Spinworthy POM Knack - at the time of this post only 1 of 2 in existence. Such a fun and unique throw.

I also completed my first Yoyo trade. It was a fun experience. @BassistDotNerd thank you for trusting me on my first trade.

The kids are enjoying summer;

My Son is back to being hooked on Minecraft. So Screen Time reigns supreme when he earns his electronics time. I feel like I have come full circle to where we started last November. The dilemma is do I “Require” string time before screen time? I would like him to play yoyo more but don’t what to force it.

My Daughter always has at least one yoyo on here. She carries her YoyoFactory Arrow in the Paracord Sling she made, attached to her little purse. She also carries a Pink Duncan Butterfly in her purse. She still is inspiring to me. She is content just throwing Gravity Pulls wherever she goes, whenever she wants. While she knows several tricks, and will bust them out for others when asked, she is content just throwing.

Have Fun


Wow, I am behind on the updates.

July and August have been busy. Work was insane, plus a lot of Family Fun Time. We did 2 Camping Trips, went to Lego Land, Medieval Times, and my Daughter competed in her first Rodeo (Mutton Busting). Soccer Season has started also. Practices 4 days a week and Games on Saturdays.

My goal of throwing every day went out the window. Things were just too busy. Resuming this goal again.

Yoyo Acquisition Disorder calmed down too. I think the only new throws I received were the Dead Stock Bumble Bees from YYF.

I have been involved with the community here though. I guess my best progress of the month. I helped facilitate the starting of an Online Yoyo Club.

Yoyo Boomer Club

So far, I think things are going well with it.

Have fun.


glad to see this thread continued, would love more updates :slight_smile:

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Had a fun encounter yesterday with my son. He is doing “Ninja Warrior” gymnastics. His instructor has started a Juggling group on Fridays and invited us.

My son tells him “I can Yoyo”
He proceeds to run over to me; “Dad, Dad, Can I have your Yoyo Really Quick?”

Being the amazing father I am (LOL) I pull my yoyo out of the holster on my belt and hand it to him.

Now you may be asking; Cody, what yoyo were you carrying this day? I would tell you a Ceracote Weekender.

He hands the Yoyo to the Instructor. The instructor strings it on his throw hand and gives it a throw.
He is surprised at how “Smooth” the yoyo is and how long it sleeps. He then proceeds to do “Walk the Dog”. Cringe Luckily we were over the carpet at the time.

“Wow, this is a GOOD yoyo” - Instructor
“Yes it is” - Me

My son gets the Yoyo back from the instructor and says “Let me show YOU some tricks”.

His first throw, there is an audible TING as the yoyo hits the floor. String is set for my play, not his (10 Years Old).

He adjusts and then goes through his routine; Jamaican Flag, Rock the Baby, Robin Hood, Forward Pass, Around the World… He is the center of attention with numerous kids his age and his instructor watching.

The pride I felt was priceless. Worth every penny this may cost me as the yoyo bounces off the ground a few more times during his routine.

One of the spectators, a kid around 10 I guess, “Can you do the “DNA”?”
“No, I haven’t learned that one yet.” I said
“What about the Eiffle Tower?”
“That one I can show you.” I said, then showed him.

My last trick before the class started was “Brain Twister”. One of my go-toos that I enjoy. They thought that was the coolest thing. Little do they know I am a Hack.

Fun time overall. The Weekender appears to have come out of the event mostly unscathed.

Have Fun.


Updated the Yoyo Wall today.

Most of my Yoyos are now easily accessible.

Thought I would have some empty space in the new shelves. Apparently I was Wrong.

Have Fun.

FYI: I am the Yoyo at the end of the string in that picture. Wedding day almost 12 Years ago.


That’s nice. I like that honeycomb looking shelf. And the wedding picture is nice too.