Beginners Journey

Your dad is in for a treat once he gets introduced to a Modern Responsive yoyo.


Happy New Year!

Fun little project today, Yoyo Lanyards.

It had been a while since I played with Paracord, but it came back quick.

Not to be out done, Daddy had to make one too. Obviously it had to be better…


Daughter (7-Years-Old); Not sure what I am going to do with this one. She has managed to loose a Spinstar, Arrow and a Butterfly recently.

Luckily she located the Snapback she just got, but it was Missing in Action for 3 days.

The annoying part, she just grabs one of my throws whenever she wants. Its lovely to hear a ding when a metal yoyo bounces off the floor.

Not much progress trick wise, but she is still throwing almost daily. Hoping the Lanyard project “May” help.

Son (9-Years-Old); He is preffering the Arrow over the One now days. I have noticed he always has a Yoyo with him now. Surprises me sometimes when we are out and about and he starts throwing.

Example- We visited the Aquarium of the Pacific and hes cruising around looking at fish and throwing.

Progress- He still has a few tricks left in Level 1, but I dont think it will be long. I have ordered his Metal Resposive yoyo for when he completes his task.

He has started working on the mechanics of the front bind.

Me; 1A - Primarily Front style right now. I can hit Brain Twister more often than not now, and bind it back when playing with the Unresponsive. Working on Split Bottom Mount, Breakaway throws and Trapeeze also.

0.5A- Modern Responsive- I have been really enjoying this style. Having Tug responsive to just chill and throw has been amazing. But also being able to sleep for a while, I can still practice a lot of Level 1 Trick too.

I am working on the Teapeeze Stall currently. I land about 1 out of 8 tries. I am looking forward to learning other stalls and regens. YAD over the last two weeks has been in this style.

Have Fun.



Still throwing fairly consistently.

The DV888’s have arrived and are on display for when the kids complete Level 1.

Both my Daughter and Son have created a trick;

Daughter - Pearl - She throws a sleeper, raises her hand over her head, then rotates the yoyo 360 degrees around her body and returns the yoyo.

Son - Backwards Walk the Dog - He reverses the Yoyo in his hand, throws normal forward style (Yoyo is spinning toward you, not away). He then proceeds with walk the dog in the new direction.

My Progress- Not much. Working on Split Bottom Mount in Forward. My key issue is remembering to tuck the string on my middle finger into my hand, before trying to do the mount on my pointer finger.

Trapeeze - This is a double edge sword for me right now. On one side; Just landing the yoyo on the string and keep it from tilting out in both responsive and unresponsive seems to be a challenge. On the unresponsive side, I still dont have the bind mechanics down yet.

The other side is learning this while doing Trapeeze Stalls in 0.5A. I am starting to get more consistent with this. Starting to figure out ways to come out of it.

I am still Favoring 0.5A style. Ill work with Unresponsive for a bit, go responsive then finish up with the Modern Responsive.

Multiple yoyos ready to go is awesome for switching up.

I tend to keep a modern responsive on me at all times now. I came to the realization that the side pocket on Carpenter pants is for a yoyo.

Guess “Carpenter Pants” is the wiser marketing strategy verse “Yoyo Pants”.

Have fun.


String Theory; In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. String theory describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other.

One String to Rule them All?

“What is the best string?” While this may seem like an “Easy Question”, I have found it is more complicated than a simple answer. If there was a “best string”; wouldn’t it be the only one available? The “One” everyone uses?

Yet, we have a multitude of Manufacturers, Material Types, Thicknesses, Lengths, etc.

So what as beginners should we purchase or use?

Yoyo String Theory

The simplest answer I have found is; Whatever works for you, your style, and the Yoyo you are throwing. Again a vague answer.

String is a consumable item. Each string type/size, like each yoyo, has its own personality. So finding what material and thickness works best for you and “the yoyo” it is on, is the goal.

“We won’t know unless we try.”

My recommendation to anyone starting out is to get several sample packs of different material types and sizes. This is “why” sample packs are made. Don’t do what I did and purchase several bulk string packs, only to find they don’t perform with your yoyo of choice or to your expectations.

In the beginner yoyo area, 100% Poly String standard size, seems to work great across the majority of the Yoyos. Don’t be afraid to change your string often.

When I started to learn to bind, I found a Thicker/Fatter string aided in learning to bind on a wider gap yoyo. However, that Thicker/Fatter string would snag more in the responsive yoyos I was playing with.

We tend to focus on the Object (Yoyo) and progression (Skills/Tricks), but I think we can lose sight of the interaction between us and the object (String).

Find the string that works with your yoyo and plays the way you want it to. Remember, this is for our enjoyment. When you have found this mythical string, then look into purchasing it in bulk.

Have Fun.


Blast from the past!

Was going through some tubs in the garage. Found my old YoyoExpert Travel case.

Inside a YoyoJam Hitman and a Yoyo Factory DV888, Some string and a Bearing.

I used to fly every three weeks to and from work. This was attached to my carry-on at the time.

Guessing the Date on this time capsule is Pre- 2010. Corrected - Date on the DV888 is a 2011.

What an exciting find.

Have Fun


Responsive has come a long way and there is so much to learn and be excited about, if you learn some simple binds you’ll get so much more enjoyment out of your unresponsives!

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Front Style Bind is coming along well. I am very comfortable getting the yoyo back now. Not always on the first try, but getting there.

Side-style bind has been more challenging. I did complete my first one this past week. The transitioning from Trapeze to the Under mount is not very gracious. Also working on figuring out the tail length, pinch point and the motion to get the bind and back to hand is what I am trying to figure out.

One of the lessons I learned with Trapeze was adjusting the yoyo on the string. More often than not, the yoyo would land funky, but I am able to change the yoyo orientation once in the Trapeze by adjusting the strings. I know as I get better, I wont have to do this as much.

My current Play Styles;

  1. Unresponsive - Front Style play and practice. Trapeze and Bind (Not succesful yet). Once frustration starts, I put it down and move to step 2.
  2. Responsive 1A - Typically YYF Arrow or TBS Sage. I continue Practicing with the Modern Shape. Again once frustration starts to occur I move on.
  3. Modern Responsive 0.5A - This is my current area of joy, relaxation, and fun. Comfortable designs, tug response. Gravity Pulls, Sleepers, Forward Pass, Breakaways, and still working on the Trapeze Stall. I usually carry my YYF Confusion everywhere I go now.

Children Update;
Daughter - She is in a little Lul right now. Hasn’t played much recently. But when she does, she enjoys taking Daddy’s Modern Responsive’s off the shelf and bouncing them off the floor ( :rage:).

Son - Has started trying Trapeze.

Have Fun.

I am planning on taking a break from the above next month. Going to give Fixed Axel February a go. Not sure what it will look like yet, but excited.


Fixed Axel February!

So I am now a few days into Fixed Axel February. I had the pleasure to be able to purchase a Wildwood Gnomad from Mr. Eric ( @Eric_Newlin ). The craftsmanship is amazing. This has been the only Yoyo I have thrown for the last week.

Mr. Nate (@yomartyo) is hosting Fixed Axel February Challenges. I have learned so much about this style from this thread; Fixed Axle February-WEEK 1 - #27 by TryCatchThrow

Some of my Key Learnings so far;

Responsiveness of the Fixed Axel “IS” important. Increasing String Torsion helps to increase responsiveness.

As Mr. @CaptainFoxxButt said in the above link “Gonna wanna do a lot of sidewinders”

Very helpful information from Mr. @TryCatchThrow about which sidewinder to do; “Regardless of which hand you throw, if your sidewinder has your hand left of the throw, it loosens tension. Just like a screwdriver. Righty tighty, lefty loosie.”

The use of Chap Stick on the end of the string that goes around the axel can also help to increase responsiveness.

I also am learning about Bearing Blanks, being able to replace the bearing in the yoyo with this “Blank” will make the yoyo play like a fixed axel. Some of these are pre-machined and drop-in replacements. Others require shims…

I had a nice Conversation with Mr. Alex @Xanadu about modifying bearings to make a “Blank”.

I am very thankful to this community and all the people (like above) that take the time to explain the “Whys” of things and not just the “Hows”. THANK YOU

Currently - My Only Goal right now is to be able to complete a Trapeeze Stall and Catch it back to the hand for my Week 1 Entry.

This is so much fun. I am hoping to get a Blank or Modified Bearing/Blank into some of my 0.5A Yoyos. I have committed to not throwing any Bearing Yoyos for this Month.

This is a personal challenge, being fresh to yoyo, changing my routine has been difficult. Typically I would practice Unresponsive, Responsive, and then Finish with Modern Responsive. 0A will definitely be in the rotation when I get back to this in March.

Here is the latest Yoyo Wall. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I got bitten by the Yoyo Acquisition Bug hard.

Kids - Nothing new to post about them at this time. Not a lot of string time lately with extra curricular activities.

Have Fun.

Update- With the help of my 7 year-old camera woman, we final got a Fixed Axel February Week 1 Trapeeze Stall captured.

This was about take 28. I had a better performance before this… “I forgot to record it Daddy.”


Just stumbled upon this thread and it immediately brought back warm memories of when I was a kid learning the ropes…or the strings. I learned the basics on your basic Duncan and having a Fireball as an upgrade was about as much as I was able to have back then. This was around the yoyo boom/just before. Life got in the way and I set the whole thing aside as I never got past the level 1 stuff. Wouldn’t be until 2010 when I rediscovered things and realized how much yoyoing had evolved. Yoyo acquisition syndrome is definitely real and I hit it hard for quite a few years after as now I could afford what was at the time, very unheard-of ball bearing throws.

Enjoying reading the progress and hope the kiddos stick with it!

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Glad to entice some nostalgic memories!

I think the Similarities are uncanny.

It has been a few months now. I still have not completed Level 1 of the Yoyo Expert List yet. There are 2 tricks I still need to learn. But this is on purpose. When the kids want to work on their trick list, we do it together.

I know a couple in Level 2. This is where my 1A practice was prior to Fixed Axel February. Curious to see what a 1 month break makes when I get back to it.

I still have a few throws from my 2009 - 2011 era.

Life still gets in the way. Family, Job, Kids School/Sports. I think this is why 0.5A and now Fixies are my current go to. I now always have a Yoyo in the pocket and can play this style anytime, anywhere.

I still want to be able to do the 1A stuff, but have recognized that this will be a long road.

“Its not about the destination, its about the Journey.”

Have fun.

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Broken Hearted…

I am such a bone head!

I am going to reach out to Mr. Eric for advice on fixing.

Now I need to figure out a throw for Fixed Axel February.

I do have a Current Duncan Butterfly, I am not a Fan of it currently.

I have a Luftverk Bearing Blank, But currently do not know which of my 0.5A Modern Responsives it will work in.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank You


PM’d :+1:


How did that happen?

So trying the Luftverk blank on the Deeper State.

I had to put a shorter axel in.

It doesnt feel like a Fixed Axel. I can hear/feel the blank turning like a bearing/trans axel.

Any advice?

Thank You.


I had it in the carpenter pocket of my Jeans. I am guessing when I was bucking hay this morning, it got pinched. Totally my fault.

Mr. Eric has offered to repair it for me. Hoping to ship it out tomorrow.

That is good service indeed!