Reccomendations for 6yr old newbie


As title states, I already purchased a yyf fast 201 (still unopened) for my son’s birthday. After reading more about it I am under the impression that this might not be the best choice for him. His birthday is two weeks away and I am wondering if there is a better choice for him.
I have little experience myself. I will be keeping the 201 regardless but just wondering if you can advise a better option for him and I will be getting one Aswell to help demonstrate string tricks.

Any advice on this is appreciated. P.s responsive or unresponsive or one of each? or dm2 or similar with changeable bearings?


I personally would say the fast 201 would be a very viable option! It gives him the ability to get a very good taste for yoyoing without you having to fork out to much money. I personally feel like people jump into unresponsive yoyoing way to fast so I would just stick with that


Thanks for the reply.

Are they very noisy compared to others as some reviews claim?


I would say velocity is a good choice. Then if he wants he can try unresponsive


Yes, they are very noisy, and are a little outdated in general - I would not recommend them.

Someone else in the thread mentioned the Velocity, which could be a good option if you want to switch between responsive/unresponsive. This link has some other good options. But since he’s only 6 I wouldn’t spend too much.


The yoyofactory one is dirt cheap, sturdy, and the right size to fit in your sons hands. It is uncomplicated and hard to mess up, two traits that the fast 201 and velocity do not necessarily have.(though they are great yoyos, just a little more complicated to set up and such)
Its 9 dollars, sold right here on YoYoExpert.


Thanks for the replies, As I stated I already bought the Fast 201, but was unsure if it would be suitable for him especially if it was too noisy, but It will be kept and tried.

I just finished reading the reviews on the Velocity and have decided to buy that one Aswell.

Thanks to whoth3man for the reassurance on the 201 and thanks to Kevin.yo and string king for the Velocity reccomendations, I have been browsing for three days and never really looked at the Velocity.

Good job guys and thanks.


The yyf whip is also a great option in my opinion! Very comfortable and nicely responsive :slight_smile:


My recommendation for you is to wait until he’s 8 before buying him a yoyo.

At his age the yoyo is basically going to be something to beat up. It’s going to be 5% tricks and 95% smashing it on the ground, the TV and his sister.

I don’t believe that most children at the age of 6 have the motor skills required for yoyoing.


Hey, evan nagao started when he was like 2


He may well have, but I believe very few would have the skills necessary at that age.

No way I’d give my 2 year old a yoyo. Just imagining it is hilarious to me.


No he wont have the motor skills at the moment but he is a very quick learner. Yeah he may bash it to start with. But buying him one now will learn improve his motor skills, hand eye coordination.

Would you also suggest I should.not let him ride a bike as he wont have the balance to ride it. kids need to learn stuff only way to learn is have a go, then practice, practice. This will teach patience and once they manage to do something they couldnt do it gives confidence an teaches them perseverance.


The responsive replay


The velocity is nice, it has a lot of center weight. The One is, in my opinion underrated. You and your son should enjoy any of the yoyos mentioned here.


I agree, most kids kids that age wouldn’t be able to use it, and would most likely lose interest within a few hours or a few days.


That’s another thing I meant to mention; at that age, they do tend to lose interest very quickly. I think the frustration factor caused by low motor skills at their age can cause them to give up easily.

However, if you’re only spending 10 dollars on a yoyo, I suppose it won’t hurt them to give it a crack (quite literally, most likely).

I guess my recommendation is a Duncan Butterfly. Super cheap and not a bad intro.


The FAST 201 and YYF Velocity are good for beginners. If they ever bang it to the floor, walls or wherever, during play, then it is fine.

And also, it is a very effective Parent and Child bonding. ;D


All kids are different. My kid at age 7 is starting to be at the stage he would be able to yoyo. But some kids are prodigies or have more patience than the average youngster.

The YYF One recommended earlier is a GREAT option. Hard to mess up, and stable enough to “assist” during play. The Butterfly is also a good choice, but will need to be thrown just a tad straighter. Mind you, even with the One, if you don’t throw straight, it’s hard to have the yoyo come back up.

The main consideration for me is actually weight and edges. The Fast 201 is noisy, yes, but it also weighs more and has sharper edges than the ONE. The ONE is all round and light. Why is this important? The kid WILL try to yank the yoyo up too quickly, and has a high likelihood of clunking him in the head eventually. A little rap to the head is not a big deal and most kids get over it… but you can soften that blow a bit with the ONE.

(note: Velocity is not a bad choice in this regard either)