Good Yo-Yo for small children?

Hey Everyone,

So… I have gotten into throwing, and am still very much a beginner. I would like to get my kids involved as well, so what would be the best Yo-Yo’s to get for them?
I assume a tug return Yoyo would be best, but I also want them to start doing string tricks etc.
Are there any Yoyos which are specifically designed for kids?

My kids are aged between 5 & 8.

Let me know.


You might look into the yyf one and velocity. Both can be unresponsive or tug return, you change it as you progress in your yoyoing.

Thanks for that.
And obviously I would shorten the string for them…

I’ll try get my hands on one of those…

I find that the velocity is very hard to get responsive simply because you must turn the knobs to just the right spot. And you can’t remove it’s bearing. Get a flipside or something.

Since ur getting yoyops for multiple kids, something cheap would be the yyf ONE, has a responsive bearing for beginner tricks starting out and an unresponsive bearing for string tricks. $10.

I know that this isn’t the most recommended yo, however it is incredibly durable, no pieces to lose, and no response to mess with. The response is able to be adjusted slightly and can do so much. Now this isn’t going to be as unresponsive as the yoyo’s mentioned in the previous posts so if your kids stick with it you’ll be looking at upgrading. The fact is though, if they stick with it you will be buying more yoyos anyway. Thats how the yo spins! :wink:

I use these often to teach beginning players. I’ve seen them bounce off of the ground, cement, stairs, walls, and be just fine. Kids love to take things apart and I’ve seen the bearings or axles lost simply by dropping them in the grass, when using other yoyos.  Not the spinstar though!

I really like introducing yoyoing to kids with this yoyo as it doesn’t cost much money and it doesn’t cost me all the headaches of replacing bearings, axles, and the time to dry the tears.

I just thought I’d throw out a different perspective.

No matter what you choose make it fun and good luck! (Parent getting kids involved, LOVE IT.)

It’s great that you’re trying to get the kids involved and away from the TV and all those video games. I’d recommend a pair of YYJ Classics. They play responsive out of the box, come in a bunch of fun colours, and can take one heck of a beating. I’ve slammed mine into concrete, garage doors, brick walls, etc. and it just keeps on going. If you pick up some sili pads and full sized bearings, they can easily be converted into unresponsive throws when the kids are ready.


I suggest the yoyofactory one, or the yoyojam classic.

Wow! Such great responses! Not sure what to do…

Final vote?
YYF one?
YYF Spinstar?
YYJ Classic?

What do you guys think? Or should I order one of each, and each kid will use one of them, and then I can really see which is best? Heheehe

Personally I think just about everyone starts with a Duncan butterfly. They need to get a throw before even thinking about string tricks so I would look into getting a butterfly. May just be me though. Haha

the yyj classic also make sure you buy extra string for your kids i reccomed polyester

I disagree. I picked up a butterfly when I was an absolute beginner and I hated it. Sharp edges, can’t come apart, and just plain hard to use. Fine for more advanced players but not beginners.

YYF One, was my first pick, and got me hooked!
i have since bought various YYF One’s for my kids, my nieces and i even got one for my dad! he’s in his 80’s but used to play yoyos whe he was kid. when he saw me he wanted one too.!

For a little kid, the spinstar would be ideal. The classic is pretty huge on its own, and is absoutely gargantuan compared to a little kids hand! The one is good, but isnt acually tug responsive, even with the slim bearing.

The more yoyos you have the sooner you will be able to establish preferences. It’s always a good idea to have more than one, in my opinion. Sometimes I get a yo that I don’t anticipate being that great and I just play it and play it. Other times I get a yo that I just know I wont be able to put down and use every now and again.

Go for the multi yo purchase! ;D

YYJ DM2 (with responsive bearing of course)
Duncan Imperial (not the best but most people learned on one)
Duncan Butterfly (same as the Imperial)
Peter Fish makes a beginner yoyo, I forget what it’s called…

Anyway, there’s a lot of good options for small children and or/ beginners. Just look around! :wink:

If you want a hardy yoyo get a Duncan bumblebee. Totally impossible to destroy. Concrete, walls, the beach, throwing it as hard as I could and having it slip off my finger… Still works fine. I don’t think you could use it for string tricks, but you could also get some sort of butterfly shaped throw.

Response is easy to find. you turn it towards EASY.

We consider not removing the bearing being GREAT for small children. What isn’t great is lots of little parts that are easy to loose (your specific example for example)

we use a taller pad now. I think you will find them tug responsive 8)