Show some wooden yoyos you've made




Made it with drill only


Made this one today.

It’s made of purpleheart.

Diameter: 55.5mm
Width: 33mm
Gap width: 2.3mm
Weight: 68g.

Need to perfect this one, the burning is the main problem, however it does perform well.

Can’t get that lovely old socks/goat’s cheese/vomit smell of worked purpleheart out of my nose. Mmmmmm.


I didn’t technically make this one, but I did upgrade it lol. This was a TMBR Irving with a broken axle. Instead of just getting a dowel I thought it would be fun to make it into an unresponsive wooden yo-yo.

I don’t have a lathe so I picked up some forstner bits for the drill press and finally got around to drilling out the space for the SPRs this morning. Installed some flat cap side effects, a 25mm axle, chaz pads & a center trac and it’s good to go!


That’s pretty cool!


That looks great! How does it play? :slight_smile:


Way better than I expected haha. It’s just over 55g assembled. Plays light and floaty, can get through most not so techy combos pretty easily. Came out great for a first attempt, I’ll have to make some more in the future!


Those both look awesome!! Makes me want to buy a lathe!


This thread is making me want to try! I don’t have a lathe, but I bet I can do something with what I’ve got…


I didn’t use a lathe. I cut and routed.

A lathe might just be a better option for making a wider variety of shapes though.


Looking good!

I have never had this problem with any of the purpleheart that I have worked with. Hopefully it stays that way.


Purpleheart is a name for a range of species of trees that all yield purple wood. Sometimes you get some that smells really bad when worked, sometimes you get some that doesn’t smell.

I’m going to use zebrano soon. I hear that smells even worse.


This one is much better. No burning and finished.


That looks great!


The various odors just ad to the mystic of wood. Looks great! I am looking forward to when you get it perfected.


It’s been a few years since I turned, but a few came out looking pretty nice back in the day.


I bet you had fun!

(Yoyo_Master) #38

The throw on the bottom is awesome! It’s a piece that can be on a shelf for show and then taken off when bored. Could totally picture this in an expensive office!


That was exactly the idea. Had it on my desk for a few years. One side had a clock, the other had a thermometer. Both could be popped off easily so you could take a throw break.


JerenB, you’re a real craftsman!

Those yoyos look great!