UPDATE Wooden H Shaped Throw "Acual Prototype!" well, 1/2 of one!


Using photoshop, I turned a CODE1 into a wooden beast ;D

This is for all you wood workers out there:

I really want to see a Wooden yoyo, with a ball bearing system, that has that radical H shape/wide to it. something like a Code 1, Genesis, Superstar, ect…

I would think it would be one of the most epic throws once stained and finished, or even just sanded smooth.
If anyone could make that, or knows of one that exist please let me know!

I think it would be a cool project, and look just beautiful! a mix of old school original wooden with new school shape and design!


~Chris Severson


Yoyoexpert did release a wood yoyo a few days ago.
Here is the link: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/551/TMBR-Irving-Wooden-Yo-Yo

They just don’t put all of their yoyos on the front page. But this one is fixed axle for the advanced player it says. I think one with a more wide shape and bearing would be awsome though!


So, modern wing-shaped design wood yoyo with a ball bearing and silicone response.

I think someone around here was prototyping those. Actually, I WANT one of those.

Although, the one mentioned by Dingo54 is also of interest to me.


The Irving Pro has a little bit wider gap I think.

But I like that these have wooden axles and not ball bearings. I saw that they have an axle kit so that you can switch around a birch, cherry, oak, or walnut axle. I am definitely getting one of these at some point.


I saw this, and thought it was cool, but like Studio42 said, a more modern shape, with silli responce and ball bearing, i think would just be awesome.


I’ve been tempted to try making one myself as well, perhaps start off with something that just uses friction stickers and utilize Duncan spacers for the bearing seat. I just need to find a hole saw (to get my circles cut out, stick them on the drill and begin sanding. I just don’t feel like shelling out the cash for a block of hardwood only to see my plan come to a fail.

Is it possible to silicone recess a block of wood?

(Troy(oyo) #7

Yes. A recess is just a cut. You can also silicone recess metal, and plastic.


Using my Knowledge of photoshop, I turned a CODE 1 into wood, just and idea of what it would look like (stained)


~Chris Severson


This would be so sick! Something out of good mahogany, or ebony… :o I would figuratively kill for one?

how large would it have to be to be around ~67 grams? Wood is of course not as massive as metal is, would there be too much wood to make it practical?


That pic is funny
Since most woods are lighter than aluminum there should be weight rings on the yoyo.


You also have to take into account staining and varnishing adds weight as well, along with the metal bearing, seat and axel and we are dealing with grams, so it would take much to add weight, and lets say OneDrop decided to make this (hypotheticly), they have side effects to add weight. agreed that it would be light, but I think weight rings would take away from the beauty of the yoyo. Just what I think nd how I would do it…


~Chris Severson


come to think of it, you should make one of those your siggy or avatar


I would so buy this for about 20-30$ and if you added some sort of weight rings or extra heavy wood that would play amazing. What if we just put a thin layer of wood over a code 1! 0.o but that is cheating.


lol, well idk how the weight would play out, but f someone could make a prototype, that would be awesome!


congratulations, you just displayed yoyo porn 8)


^^^^ lmfao

Anyways… Looks great but I agree with most of you guys here… The weight would be an issue… And weight rings would take away from the beauty.

But I think … Instead of copying the shape of a code1 … It should be a new unique shape.


Agreed, but i dont have any renderings of my own, I have ideas but im still learning how to make 3D rederings of it. I just did a CODE 1 because it was there lol


~Chris Severson


nice, there are a lot of guys here who have their own unique designs … and they have all of the drawings/designs and everything … so we just need someone to actually try to get one out there …

it is a great idea and i think you will sell out FAST!!!



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I wish you luck.
There’s a reason why a modern, wide-gapped wooden yoyo has never been made on any large scale.
Actually, 2 related reasons:
1.) wood is inherently inconsistent and difficult to get perfectly smooth, especially with a wider profile.
2.) people don’t buy yoyos that aren’t perfectly smooth.
People have done it (i.e. Eric Wolff), but he takes about 2 weeks to turn a yoyo like what you’ve illustrated there. There was the Jamboo, but it sold poorly and was a nightmare to maintain. Not saying it can’t be done, but if it were as easy as substituting wood for metal, it’d have been done many times over.