Show some wooden yoyos you've made


I made these two today out of zebrano.

The butterfly shaped is:

Diameter: 56.5mm
Width: 33mm
Gap width: 2.35
Weight: 52g

The H/inverse shaped is:

Diameter: 56.5mm
Width: 33mm
Gap width: 2.35
Weight: 47g


^ Very nice! Which shape do you like better, or do you know yet?


Both have their own feel, but I think I prefer the H/inverse.

They are both great players but I think that ine is extra nice.


I’m thinking of maybe selling a couple of the yoyos I’ve made on the BST. Maybe. Because at this rate, I won’t be able to keep funding the use of these really nice woods. Lol!


Both look great!


I’ve got an older TMBR similar to that “H” shape you made. Can’t remember what Colin called that one. His had a much lower wall, you can go through many modern tricks with that yoyo. Sometimes you even have to bind to get it to come back :smiley:

(rizkiyoist) #47



Beveled off the edges of my inverse/H model. It’s more comfortable now

If anybody is interested, it’s in my BST.


This is made from Tasmanian Oak:


Hey Glenacius K, I really like the looks of your homemade woods. Do they throw as good as they look?


Those look great! What’s in the center of that last one? sequins or something?


They perform really well and have a good play feel. There isn’t a trick I’ve tried that they can’t handle. I test them with variety of fixed axle tricks like stalls, flips, shoot the moons etc. Stop ‘n’ go is an important one for me. I won’t bother much with a yoyo unless it can easily perfom a minimum of three trapeze stop ‘n’ gos consecutively. Most important of all, I check them for sleep and return consistency, they need to sleep and stay that way easily during tricks but also return readily when you want it to.


Yeah, they’re sequins :).

This model needs a bit of tweaking, at 38g I’m finding it’s a little too light and the centre decoration needs a bit of tweaking also.

Next batch I make will spot on!





Beautiful! :o

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Seeing yours I think mine sucks :frowning:


I thought yours were kinda cool! Loved the tree engraved one.


Nice work! Do you use a router to bevel the edges or do you turn them on a lathe?


I use a router.