Show some wooden yoyos you've made


So are you or Yoyofficer ever going to put your throws in the market?


That depends. Would people actually buy them?


I would entertain releasing them if people would be interested in buying them.

I have these three up on my BST without a lot of interest so far.


Made these a couple of days ago. This model is called the Wafer. Thin and fun. Nice feel, too.


Looking good :wink:


Beautiful yoyos! Do you know about this group on Facebook?


No I don’t, and I can’t view it because I dont have FB.

What is the group all about?


It’s fixed axle collective


Currently making and testing some Spindles made out of merbau. It’s a really tough and rustic looking wood. I’m happy with the results so far.


So cool!


I’ve got more yoyos to show, but when I try to post the pictures on the YYE app, it says that the thread was deleted by an administrator :-\


That’s odd. Can you take a screenshot of the actual error message and email it to us so we can look into it?



I’ve made some yoyos out of river red gum lately. The results have been good.

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Too beautiful it should be illegal.


Another design I’ve been testing out. This one is made from merbau


I thought I’d have a shot at making a wooden unresponsive yoyo from some spare Yoyojoker guts I had sitting around. It actually turned out pretty good. Plays better than I expected!


Great looking throw!


That does look really sweet

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Reported for being too good.


Made this out of wenge. It’s a difficult wood to work with but the results are good. One of the best performing fixed axle yoyos I’ve made. Scorcher tricks are a breeze on this.

Diameter: 57mm
Width: 32mm
Weight: 56g
Gap width: Perfect