Feedback for Glenacius_K

I’ve been remiss in not posting in this thread sooner! I’ve had a couple of interactions with @Glenacius_K now, and each one has been extremely positive. After drooling over the Spinworthy yoyos for months over in this thread I ended up missing Glen’s announcement that the days of custom orders were drawing to a close. When I messaged him Glen was very gracious and was able to scare up a couple of yoyos that he was willing to part with anyway :smiley:

Since then I managed to snag a small collection of several older Spinworthy yoyos and a new KNack. I’m thrilled to have each one, and I won’t hesitate to do business with Glen again in the future.

(Shameless solicitation: if anyone wants to part with a Burley let me know :heart_eyes:)